The Pregnant Cook

Here is me pregnant with my son. The first child.

For any woman who has been pregnant, understands that food just has this whole new level to it. I have a notebook that I kept by my bedside during that pregnancy and it’s full of recipes, dinner party ideas, meal plans, cooking goals, lists of food I missed from America, and so on. I even have drawings 🙂

The bigger my belly grew, the more difficulty I had reaching, bending, and keeping my patience. One day my dear husband bought me something to make my life a bit easier, the best thing ever: a crock pot!

We have had some real nice meals with that thing and its been so handy! Do you cook with one? I highly recommend it! For my top favourite crockpot recipes, click here.

Me and my crockpot have shared Easter and Christmas together, as well as family dinners and with friends. The memories (and ease of it!) are priceless. x

Her Eyes Hold a Mystery

Her eyes hold a mystery

Some of it an untold history

Listen well, she’s one to keep

View her as a priceless masterpeice

Behind her eyes, lies her soul

She only wants you to know

Once she’s yours, hold tight and never let her go.

Career Test Results

Do you remember in middle school taking a career test in your home economics class? We had to answer all sorts of questions about our likes and dislikes and what we thought we were good at. My top two results: teacher and chef. Being a teacher made sense, we all wanted to be teachers at that age. But chef? That one left me puzzled.

A decade later and a high school graduation behind me, with numerous failed dinner attempts, that chef answer still left me wondering.

Until recently.

Over the years living on my own I have grown a fondness for my kitchen. I remember how it all started. My life was chaos. Dictated by everyone, but myself. How? It’s complicated. But in the kitchen I was the one in control. I could change recipes, make up my own, decide what I was eating, how to make it and when! I was also lucky enough to get a job where I had to cook and learned a lot from my colleagues. Food had a whole new place in my heart.

I’m not a chef, but I do enjoy my own food and LOVE it when others enjoy it too.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to do a monthly cooking group for the women in our church. Yay! I’m so excited for it! Last night was our debut. What fun! I made MUD pudding, there was ‘chocolate by death’, cookies, yummy frosting (more!) and boy was it all so rich! Recipes can be found here.

Has there been anything in your life that’s taken you by surprise? How accurate were your career test results? x

“Look at me, I know you’ve been crying.”

In the bathroom, I was wiping away the last of my tears and composing myself. After I touched up on my makeup, mom called me to go downstairs. When she saw my face she instantly said, “Look at me. You’ve been crying. Whats wrong?” No privacy! I asked frustrated and surprised, “How can you tell?!” Matter of factly she answers, “I’m your mom.” Knowing I couldn’t hide what she already saw, the tears came back and I told her everything.

I often think about that day, that moment when I felt no one knows me better than my mom. I don’t recall what I had been crying about but it’s irrelevant. I’m a girl, I’ve cried over lots of things. If I have a crying spell, but then pull myself together, I can go to work or the store or out with friends undetected. But I can’t hide my feelings from my mom, not even for a few seconds.


me and my mom 2007

Will I know my daughter that well? Okay I don’t have a daughter, I have a son. Will I one day be able to look in his eyes and read the emotions behind them? I hope so. I hope to be as good of a mom as mine has been to me.

Has this ever happened to you? If not your mom, someone close to you? Can you read your child’s eyes? x

The Best of October

I love the month of October because:

we eat pumpkin pie.

and pumpkin bread- I like it with liver pate and a slice of cheese.

it is my brother’s and mother in law’s birthday.

my husband first came to England this month.

I love walking on dry leaves and hearing the ‘crunch’.

on Halloween I can play dress up.

Friday night pizza is at it’s best.

we can snuggle in blankets again.

camping is so fun with a bit of chill.

corduroy and big sweaters are in.

cooking in the kitchen warms up the house.

it’s the start to a whole bunch of holidays to look forward to!

What’s your favourite thing about October? x


The Adventures of Ethan

Ethan has recently figured out how to unscrew caps on things. Last night while having his bedtime bottle, he managed to unscrew while drinking and got milk all over himself- after a bath! Clever.

Ethan is near ready to walk. I think he pretends with me cuz the other night I was hiding as he was taking steps with daddy! This morning he’s been walking back and forth with his trolley walker (thanks to friends) and even learned how to turn around himself! Well done Ethan!

I was pushing Ethan all over the front room today and he just sat like a prince enjoying his ride! I love how he puts his feet up like he’s really relaxing! Hard life there Ethan? 😉

Now all he needs is a leather jacket! ;D

Sometimes I wonder, if I didn’t have Ethan, what would I take pictures of? Is there anything more beautiful than a child’s face? x





photo by leophotography


Something inside me is damaged

Don’t know how or why it came to be

I just know it’s in a deep dark place

Hiding inside of me

Something inside me is scared

Don’t quite understand it

But I feel it creeping to the surface

When I least expect it

Now I need a resolution, to conquer this at last

I no longer want to feel

Damaged from my past