Isabel Marant?

For SOME of us, clothes might be hard to find. Rephrase. Clothes are easy to find, but clothes that suit our individual styles and personalities and lifestyle, NOT so easy to find! The older I get, the more covered I want to be. I also want to be comfortable, especially with a one year old.

Have you ever watched the outfits walk down the runway and think, No Way? Too tight, too sheer, too revealing, too low, too high, too crazy, not to mention too pricey. BUT now there’s hope: I found the perfect designer! Isabel Marant. (Thanks to my app for iPhone!) How did I miss her collections before?

A LOT of her outfits are cool, duplicative, and covers the parts I want covered!  Here are two of my favourite looks:


Isabel Marant A/W 2010



Isabel Marant A/W 2009


Have you found a great store or website lately?


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