What We Love About Raising Sons- For Nicole

My friend Nicole, and husband Keith, from diaryofamadcrafter, are expecting a boy in December. This post is for you guys!

A collection of thoughts from parents raising boys. Some of us only have boys! What we love:

Moms say:

How tender their little hearts are even after along day of fighting. With the twins they are loud, silly, crazy boys. With the twins being our only ones we wanted everything to be perfect, the second I let go of that was the moment I truly began enjoying not being perfect and it just didn’t matter any longer that they were my only babes. They were a part of mike and I and thats all we ever truly wanted, just a chance as parents 🙂 

I love the toys! The cars, the trucks, the trains and all the sound effects that goes with it. So much more fun than playing with dolls.

I love how sweet and loving my boys are, lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles with mommy. .. and in our house they are easier than my girls! 😉

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 14.49.18

The joy I find in my boys is the wonder they find in the outdoors. They love climbing jumping running and shouting but they are free and make me smile.

I have heard boys are harder when they are younger. Lots of energy. Easier as they get older because their isn’t all the emotion. I love watching my son grow and turn into the young man that I know he is. He is a mommas boy and always looks out for me and his sister- very protective. Boys are crazy and fun and super sweet!!!!

My boys are sweet and loving and so much calmer then my girls. And they love their moms… What could be better!

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 14.38.30

I think boys are easier when they are young, my son was so loving and always holding my hand, it was lovely. Just when they get to mid teens and the grunts start, ha ha!!

My boys have this unconditional love for me. No matter what I do (right or wrong) they love me endlessly and always want me to be near them.


Dads say:

Hearing, “when I get bigger like you Dad…”

Oh and also rough-housing and making Mom mad. These kids LOVE to be thrown at the couch from a distance that makes their mom upset.

There’s nothing better than having a son tell you that you are his best friend.

 Congratulations you guys! Just a few more weeks and your little one is here! xx