I Need That Now!

“I need a taco. And a plum. I need you to import some Hostess cupcakes and Chex Mix. Of course you can. Go to the mall and get a box of Lucky Charms. What’s more important, £6 or my happiness?  I want a sandwich with ham, cheese, and sweet chili sauce. Why isn’t there enough salty chips in this house? Are we out of vinegar already? Please don’t let McDonalds put another pickle on my burger! Tonight I’d like some steak. Did you hear me? I said TONIGHT WE ARE HAVING STEAK.”

Pregnancy cravings can be quite comical, in a serious way. With my first, I remember craving taco bell most nights (thank goodness we have one here now!) I wanted my high school cafeteria pizza (that was over 10 years ago!) And stroganoff. I’ve never eaten stroganoff before, but I wanted it. I couldn’t get enough milk. Beef was my main craving. For some nice beefy recipes, go here.

What crazy cravings did you have?

My Ability to Fulfill the Circle of Life

When my husband and I first married we had decided that we wanted children right away. For lots of reasons. Month after month came and went and each pregnancy test I took came out negative. It was quite discouraging. I knew my mother had gotten pregnant straight away when she married and I thought I’d be like her. I remember one time in particular.

Several months into our marriage I felt changes within me and thought it might have been pregnancy symptoms. I was getting excited and took a test. Negative. After showing my husband I went back into the bathroom, closed the door, sat on the floor and cried. As a woman, I wanted to feel like a woman. To feel it more fully, I wanted to have a baby and fulfill the circle of life, by creating a life of my own. Tears of inadequacy wet my face as my heart broke each time I thought I wasn’t a true woman. Of course that’s not true. It’s just how I felt. I thought of the women who couldn’t have children and started sympathising with how they might be feeling.

We had been married over a year when I woke up one morning very sick. Shaun got yelled at for cooking grilled chicken and later scrambled eggs.  And I only got worse before it got better for about four months. How is it something I wanted so badly made me so miserable? Wasn’t I supposed to be happy? I felt better, almost normal, when I hit about 6 months. By then, being pregnant made me feel womanly and sexy!

I was back to misery when I hit 7 months- I was huge and uncomfortable! Oh the joy (and relief!) when Ethan finally came! He was so beautiful!

It’s amazing to go through all the emotional highs and lows of trying to concieve, the highs and lows of pregnancy, the incredible experience of birthing a child, and to think, WE ARE GOING TO EXPERIENCE ALL OF IT AGAIN!

Yep, Ethan is going to be a big brother next summer! We are so excited! With a face like this, wouldn’t you want another? 🙂 x