Ten Rules for Mommy (Age 3)

I am 3 and Mommy knows me best. Especially the rules I make her live by.


1. No sleeping for Mommy.

Whenever Mommy starts to fall asleep at any given moment, wake her up IMMEDIATELY. Shouting in her face: “No! Mommy awake!” is most effective.

2. No relaxing for Mommy.

Whenever Mommy sits down on the couch, kick her.

3. No escaping bed time with the kids for Mommy.

She must lay next to me until I am asleep. While I lay there, she must rub my back upon request.

4. No singing for Mommy.

Ever. YouTube is so much better. Scream if she tries to sing along.

5. No reading for Mommy.

 I can read the book myself! The pictures are self explanatory- duh!

6. She has to be on call 24/7.

If I wake up scared in the middle of the night, she has to be the one to hold me and be next to me until I fall back asleep.

7. She can’t be a wuss.

If I fall down and scrape my knee outside, she has to be the one to carry me home. Even if she also has the pram to push, I’m not walking!

8. She has to have baby wipes everywhere we go.

Demand that she use a baby wipe. Be sure to scream if just one crumb is on your finger. The attention is so worth it.

9. She must make silly faces.

Especially when we watch the planet song on YouTube. She must make me laugh when we are together.

10. Don’t let her get a good shot!

This is the latest addition. Whenever she whips out her camera, look away, don’t stop moving, or refuse to smile. She’s got some nice pictures of me before but I won’t let it happen again!

Nature’s Playground

The other day my mom and I had taken the kids to the playground around the corner from where I live. As we walked back home, mom stopped at a white berry bush and says to my toddler, “watch this!” She picked a few berries off the bush and crushed some in her hand, which made a “pop” sound. Then she dropped some onto the ground and showed him how to stomp on them to hear the “pop” again. I watched the two of them and how much fun they were having with something so simple. My mom said she recognised the berries and was reminded of the silly things she did as a kid.

That scene has stuck in my head.

I have two boys and goodness knows they are happiest outside! It dawned on me how great nature is, and as a believer I thank my God for it, because I see it now as the best playground ever!

Berries to stomp.

Trees to climb. Or just look at.

Leaves to rustle, crunch, kick, hide in and throw in the air.

Watching and listening to birds.

Touching all the different textures of leaves.

Finding mushrooms.

Talking to ladybugs, butterflies, bees and ants.

Rescuing snails from sidewalks so they don’t get squished.

Petting the worms.

Animals of all sorts, and my toddler loves all of them! (okay he is indoors here but God made animals and it was December!)

Cloud watching.

Grass whistling.

Flower picking.

Sandy beaches with lots of fun to play.

Rock collecting.

Garden planting.

Spider hunting.

Digging in the dirt.

Making mud soup.

Splashing in puddles.

Feeling the rain.

Making snowmen, snow angels and snowball fights.

Just having a lot of space to run!

Berry picking- yummy strawberries!

When they are older I am looking forward to seeing them camping, swimming, hiking, and finding continued joy in nature.

I always feel bad when I see my kids like this:

Sometimes I am busy and they have to wait, or some days it is illness or the weather that keeps us in. How I wish to give my kids everything that makes them happy!

I am amazed at the endless things my children love to do outside and how much more creative they are in their playing. And to be honest, they actually behave better outside! Perhaps I am stating the obvious that my boys- or most kids!- love being outside, but I am grateful to God for the wonder of it all for us to enjoy. x