Butterflies and the Rest of Us


Lately, I have not been able to get Butterflies out of my head. There are so many species, each one so Unique and Beautiful and Inspiring.

Did you know they can taste with their feet?

The whole Phenomena of the Caterpillar transforming into a butterfly and the development in the Cocoon has me in awe. Is it just me or does it sound Fairy tale?

Sometimes we hope to stand out for someone.

Sometimes we might feel transparent.

But I reckon all of us want to feel beautiful.

School Stuff

All over the web at the moment it seems back-to-school is on everyone’s agenda. The excitement of a kindergartner’s first day, the school supply list in hand as everyone goes shopping, the trolley filling up with colorful folders, binders, artboxes and a fresh backpack. Of course moms are looking forward to a few hours of peace yes? Not just kids are going back to school, GrownUp kids are going to college/university and I imagine they’re getting excited too.

I’m done with uni, and my kiddo is only 1 so I feel a bit left out. However, if I did have kids going off to school and if I were also going to uni what would I be up to? Hmmm. For the kids, I reckon after all the shopping, labelling and outfit choosing, I’d make a special breakfast on the morning of. Maybe Swedish scones topped with jam and slices of cheese? Or homemade granola with yogurt? Freshly squeezed orange juice?  Sounds like so much fun! I picture my kiddo wearing charming overalls or a cool hoodie on his first day of school. If I had a girl I’d want everything from this Tea Collection catalogue!

And if I were to re-enroll on a uni course, what would I wear this fall? Either a jumper dress or a casual tee, both worn with jeans. oh, and I love these two looks via Dsquared2 and Micheal Kors:

Clothing and shopping aside, there are lots of good things to say about going back to school and I’m sure my turn to pack lunches and run kids to school will come soon enough 🙂

Remembering What Is Important

How tidy is your house? If it’s no museum, feel good about yourself!

The other day I was sitting on the floor next to my son. Around us were toys and books everywhere. It was a mess. Should I have felt bad? Nope, quite the opposite! I was busy playing with my one year old all day, staying right next to him in hopes of avoiding anymore falls and bruises. The dishes piled up. The laundry had to wait. Evening was approaching and dinner was not ready, but my boy was safe and having a wonderful time laughing with mommy.

I came to the conclusion that if someone were to suddenly ring the doorbell and visit, I would hope to not be viewed as a negligent lazy mother, but rather a devoted one. Housework can wait, he is what matters now.

The Art of Eating

In high school I sat across the lunch table from my friend Josh everyday. And everyday he bought his food from the cafeteria which always included fries. I loved watching him eat his fries. The way he chewed with his mouth closed and lips puckered and his eyes looking off into the distance. Ever since, I have really paid attention to how people eat.

On another occasion a few years later, I went on a blind date with a guy whose mom begged me to go out with him. After much nagging I agreed to it. He picked me up (and had NOT cleaned his car out) and took me out to Chilis. We sat across from each other not really saying anything, hoping the food will give us conversation. When the appetisers arrived I was happy to be eating until I saw him grab those wings. I couldn’t look! To this day I still remember the mess and how gross it was to watch. Mouth open and all!

Have you ever gone out to eat and avoided certain foods? Like spaghetti, burgers, wings and ribs. For me it depended on if I wanted a second date or not! Now that I’m married, whenever my husband and I do go out we tend to always get ribs (our favorite) and share in the mess! (I carry floss in my handbag ;))

I thought about all this as I watched my son the other day eat his baby snack. He is only one, yet has already conquered the art of eating.

Happy Housewife

The Housewife.

When I was working in my last job I remember telling my colleagues that the next “job” I wanted was to be a housewife. I would not have to worry about wearing makeup, a uniform, or being nice to rude people. Life would be grand.

It came true. I quit that job after being married almost a year and I became a housewife, and a mom. Does this picture FEEL familiar?

I would like to think that I don’t ask for much (as I hear my husband laughing) and that simple things make me happy. Like if people around me avoid my pet peeves 😉 hehehe

Honestly, in any occupation there are certain things that make us really happy. A good client, a bonus, air conditioning that works in summer, pens that work, etc. As a housewife there are things that make me happy at home too. Simple things. When there are no crumbs in the butter. Or butter in the microwave. When ALL appliances work. Or my baby has his nap and all is quiet. When my dinners and desserts come out perfect and my husband raves he married the best woman in the world (I’m blushing).

I love sewing and all things haberdashery, I don’t mind cleaning or laundry when I feel like it,  I love being home and watching my baby grow and witnessing all his ‘firsts’, I love aprons and cooking, I love baking and having dinner parties, I love family home evenings and family cuddles, I love that my husband is not bossy and I get lots of praise for my efforts, I love wearing what I want everyday and doing what I want and love everyday so this has to be the best career I’ve had so far. x