Embrace Womanhood

Womanhood is only as beautiful as one is willing to see.  The gentleness, the courage, the nurturing, the determined. Vulnerable in the arms of a lover. Unconquerable as she holds a child’s hand.

Too honest to pretend, in her eyes emotions are seen but often misunderstood.

In her eyes, find her life, her dreams and all she fears. Watch her eyes as she watches the world around her. Her eyes will speak a language of their own. Listen, and you will unveil her soul.

Her lips feel alive through conversation, laughter, and the pleasure of spices. They witness her salty tears and criticise her deepest insecurities. Sincerity, or none, can be felt in a lovers kiss. Look at her lips and feel the kindness she gives as she shares her advice, her warnings, and her encouragement.

Her shoulders hold her head up while others try to push her down. She carries the uncomforted and shares their grief. Her lover caresses her shoulder, smooth skin contrasting to his ruggedness. The curves are familiar, and everywhere is a memory. The scar, the freckle, the pale skin. It is beautiful because it is hers.

A woman can find peace and inspiration from a field of flowers to the curves of one flower’s petal.

She is a diamond refined through and by generations of other women. She completes the circle of life. Bears the pain and carries the child, in her womb and then her arms. Her body will change, her mind will be wisened, her spirit strengthened.

Look in the eyes of a woman and see the beauty she carries in her heart.

Cold Hearted October

Feelings of warmth, when held by another,

Shivering from cold when not together.

An ignited fire has lost its flame,

Forgotten promises, a faint memory of a name.

Shattered dreams caused by icy words,

My ‘I love yous’ were never heard.

No tears cried or emotions shown,

Until his return, my love remains unknown.


If you could hear my voice, I’d say I love you.

Look into my eyes and see I speak truth.

If you were next to me, I’d stroke your face,

Run away with you anywhere, any place.

If my arms could reach I’d take your hand,

My knees feel weak but I can still stand.

If I could have one wish it would be,

To have you this moment beside me.

If I had a choice, I’d be there,

Away from all this, it’s just not fair.

If I could have things my way,

I’d convince you to come back and promise to stay.

If you like the photo, check out leophotography at leobojesen.com

This Hair

(pretend this photo is from a vintage magazine)

Each morning when you style your hair do you just see hair or more? Certain hairstyles flash memories through my mind. A feathered cut reminds me of my first day of school at a new high school as a sophomore.  A sleeked updo reminds me of senior year prom where my date was very late! Long hair reminds me of when I first arrived in Sweden. Highlights remind me of my holiday in Greece. Layers reminds me of when my husband and I got engaged in Toronto.

I remember once telling a guy to play with my hair and he literally PLAYED with my hair and making it a mess with lots of knots! I also remember rolling my eyes at his immaturity!

I remember having a nanny job where a five year old loved to style hair. He brushed it and tried to make it look nice for my boyfriend who was coming over later that evening. When my boyfriend showed up he looked at me and started laughing. I was trying to get him to pay me compliments so the little boy would feel happy! He was such a sweet kid!

I remember in middle school always cutting my own fringe (or bangs) and my little sister watching me. One day she tried to do it on herself. She was about five years old and her bangs looked more like a spiky bush!

One of my favorite things about being with my husband is how he scratches my head. My hair gets real messy but its so relaxing and feels so good!

I’d say the best thing about getting a haircut at the salon is the scalp massage when they wash your hair.

At the moment my hair is always being grabbed and pulled out! by my 8-month old and I swear if he doesn’t stop soon I will have a bald spot!

Hair. Memories of girly sleepovers, hair disasters, romantic moments, spa visits, summer highlights and being drenched in rain.

Do you have favorite hair memories?

Happiness is…

Tonight I found a peice of history.

I must have been in my 26th year when I made this list at a friends house.

Happiness is:

-wearing hoop earrings

-being in love and having that person return your love

-reading the scriptures and learning

-having money in my bank account

-going to church every Sunday

-knowing who I am

-watching teenagers behave respectfully and make good choices

-overcoming failure and believing in myself

-spending time with nice children

-a good nights rest

-eating delicious meals

-having truth be told to me

-laughing everyday

-dancing all the time

-getting my hair done

A few years later I agree to that list and will add a few more things that now make me very happy:

-holding my baby and being held by my husband

-ordering a papa johns pizza

-when there are no dishes to do

-mastering a new recipe and sharing it with others

-a whole day with no arguing and lots of kisses

-grocery shopping with no limits

-a sunny warm day

-listening to hubby play the guitar

-hearing my baby laugh and snore

I was once told happiness is a choice. How we choose to live our lives each day. We are in control of the decisions we make. With that said, I am going to now put on my hoop earrings, kiss my hubby and sleep as much as I can tonight! 🙂

What makes you happy?


Years ago I lived in a flat with my older brother. We had no TV back then so we often just talked, a lost form of entertainment to many. One particular evening we spoke of our future and possible ways to build our ’empires’ of wealth. Nearly six years later with 2 university degrees done and what have I learned? One key word: MOTIVATION. Without that, talents go rusty, ambitions forgotten, vision gets blurred and that empire remains unbuilt.

I have notebooks that log all of my creative ideas and designs, they’re just waiting to be executed. BUT I am a mom and my focus has to be in the right place. So in the meantime I keep adding to these notebooks and love looking at photos of beautiful artwork.

Like this quilt and all its originality and creative details.

This tree makes me think of cherry blossoms on a chinese dress.

This jumper accompanied with that lacey top is both casual and feminine and subtley sexy.

This tree makes me think of cherry blossoms on a chinese dress.

Anything that inspires, will motivate me to still pursue those ambitions that will help me build that empire. Wealth is not necessarily money, wealth can be the satisfaction that my ideas did not go to waste. I sit here typing this with nothing more than just hope and notebooks.