The Twelve Dollar Deal

I walked past a window

And saw a pretty ring

It looked just like mine

A sparkly beautiful thing.


It was only twelve dollars.

A pretty good deal.

Although I already had one,

That one looked pretty real.


Back at the house

I sat by the phone

He would soon call

He should be home


I sat there still

Thinking this is odd

Wondering where he might be

He’s never not called.


I hoped he wasn’t mad

That I had moved so far

He had seemed sad

But he drove a nice car!


The next day I sat

Still by the phone

Now I was upset

I’m going back home!


And off I went

To see what was wrong

Not thinking at all

That we weren’t getting along


Halfway there

My engine blew

I called him again

I need you!


He said he’d be there

I waited til three

My sister came instead

Now I was very angry!


Together we drove

And she drove very fast

I showed her my ring

And we had a few laughs


Straight to his house

There was a car I did not know

I let myself in

And instantly thought NO!


He stood with a girl

Who looked nothing like me

They had been together

For a while said she


I dismissed her to go

He and I needed to talk

The lies, so many lies

I felt my heart lock.


You should give me the ring

He said in a breath

Why now when I am here?

You should have come to collect!


I took the ring off

And threw it in his face

I wished him the worst

And walked out of his place.


My heart had been broken

What do I do now?

Move on and live life

It’ll be okay somehow.




He took the ring

Back to the store

Thinking what he’d use

All that money for


The jeweller had a look

At the sparkling ring

Raised an eyebrow,

And said the following:


This is not a diamond.

Nor is this white gold.

I’m very sorry to say

It cannot be sold.


He then knew,

He held the fake and she had the real

He should have collected because

She had made a twelve dollar deal.

The Part That Is Missing

There’s a part of me that’s missing

And it’s left me kind of cold

When I try and find it

I find myself alone.


A part of me is missing

And it’s left me incomplete

I’m walking down a new road

But I miss my old street


I keep myself moving

From place to place

Am I the same person?

Do you see the same face?


I don’t need to wonder

Because I already know

The part of me that’s missing

I left back HOME.


(photo via flickr)


(photo found on flickr)

She’s a rose

Watch her grow

Love her thorns

Nevermind the storms

She holds our soul

She’s our rose


In a raincloud

There is doubt

Of any good or beauty

Needing eyes that can see

See the gray and also blue

See the love we have for you

Without rain you cannot live

Accept heaven’s gift


She’s my rose

I watch her grow

Forgive her thorns

She settles storms

She holds my soul

That’s my rose.




photo by leophotography


Something inside me is damaged

Don’t know how or why it came to be

I just know it’s in a deep dark place

Hiding inside of me

Something inside me is scared

Don’t quite understand it

But I feel it creeping to the surface

When I least expect it

Now I need a resolution, to conquer this at last

I no longer want to feel

Damaged from my past