Packing Without Being a Pack Rat

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Considering all the trips we have already done to charity and all the things I have just given away to friends and family, I honestly still don’t view myself as a pack rat! It’s confusing how so many things seem to just accumulate. But now to make choices and fit it all in a suitcase. Several suitcases and a few boxes to ship.

Choosing what stays and what goes isn’t easy. However sometimes it is not the actual item I am looking at, it is the memory that it represents. Like proof it actually happened or the people that were here and have gone. These people and experiences has influenced me. I retell the stories and like ‘show and tell’ at school, I have my prop. It also represents I meant something to that person to give me something. The efforts or sacrifices that were made to obtain the item and then give it to me. It’s almost priceless.

And then there’s the feeling of, “we finally have everything we need!” and now we will be starting over. As newly weds we had a fair amount of kitchen stuff but as a stay at home mom it’s nice knowing I’ve got the crockpot (now sold at the boot sale) the fun grater, the rolling pin, several sizes of casserole dishes, etc. I know I can find the same things anywhere, it’s just shopping all over again. Is something wrong with me? When did I start to dislike shopping?

These are my decisions ┬áto make. I must be realistic, practical and not overly sentimental. Will prepare another bag for charity this afternoon….

The Countdown Begins

Exactly two weeks today we will be heading to the airport. So much to do, not so much time left! Emotions are high, stress can be high at times, things are slowly disappearing around the house yet great efforts are made to live the normal day to day life with the kids. Trying to squeeze in as much family time as we can. We are also trying to avoid the feeling of “did we forget anything?”

My brother comes this weekend and that will be the great finale. The end of his visit begins the real move of big furniture, the arrival of my parents-in-law and more than likely takeaways and quick sandwiches for the weekend!

I have always loved adventures. This is life changing, as is with every move we’ve had so far! This is going to be another fun chapter to write about as it happens! Whatever happens, challenges, blessings, hardships, setbacks, happy reunions, re-visiting old memory lane, life is never a dull moment.

Two weeks. But its still just another day where dishes need done, laundry needs washed, the kids and I will need to go on a walk, we’ll tidy their toys and give them baths. In between the running and laughing and eating and listening to music and watching a movie is when I am emptying cupboards and sneaking things into charity bags like its perfectly normal.

Hope you have a good day too! x

The Power of Words and Language

I once heard a saying that went something like this: “words reveal what is inside of you.”

How true that statement can be! A person who is always gossiping and criticising must carry some sort of low self image and inner misery. Creating an endless circle of sadness to those they talk to and about. There is nothing uplifting about negativity!

A person who is always saying good things with an optimistic and hopeful point of view creates the very opposite of feelings. They inspire, uplift and possibly annoy those who are very miserable! Haha

This is not to suppose that the optimistic never experience unhappiness or sorrow, but they’ve somehow figured out how to battle it and chase the rain cloud of overbearing sadness away allowing those rays of light back into their life.

I have been reading and experiencing lately how important words are and especially in my daily life of being a stay at home mom.

My son is three and is imitating everything! Sometimes this is good and sometimes not so good! Things I have found perfectly okay to say, somehow sounds awful from the mouth of an innocent child, my son. This little human being I am to mould and shape into a decent man, a good citizen of society, a gentleman who respects women and continues to have faith in God. I surely must choose my words wisely!

Bad words that I hope to shun from my home (along with the obvious swear and vulgar words that exist):
Shut up
Kill’em (yes I know that’s slang!)

And perhaps a few more I haven’t realised yet.

I understand there are other influences my children will pick up on, like music, movies, friends, hearing strangers passing conversation, etc.
But this is part of learning too, out there the world says this n that, in here at home with mommy and daddy, we don’t.

Habits are hard to break and especially habitual language. When I get annoyed I say, “you/they drive me nuts!” Which my toddler now loves to say to everyone about everything! I have been contemplating that there must be an easier way to battle negative language habits.

I have devised a plan for myself. It is more than likely I will fail a hundred times before getting it right but this is my new goal: no matter what happens, my verbal reply will be one of these options:

“It’s okay.” OR

“There has to be a better way!” OR

“We need to make a better choice next time.”

“Maybe in hindsight we will see this was a blessing.”

I find all these responses reassuring and hopeful and that is good.

If a household bill was bigger than expected, I won’t call the company stupid and the world unfair, I will calmly say, there has to be a better way.

If the car doesn’t start and we’re already late for something, I will not call the car stupid and that my life is cursed with bad luck, I will calmly say, “it’s okay.” If we’re late, it’s okay. If we have to take a bus, it’s okay. If we end up staying home, it’s okay.

Of course it’s okay! It’s all okay! And there is always a better way- even if the only better thing is our attitude.

What is really difficult is when the kids play up. Sometimes I think they’re crying IS stupid because there is no reason for it, drama queens! But I can’t say that because that would be degrading, belittling, and negative. I can’t build their spirits up if I am putting them down. Seriously, my kids are crazy with their screaming and endless crying so my patience is often tried. It is hard to bite my tongue when I feel fed up. But I want to be a good mom and so my efforts right now will be these words. First I will say, it’s okay. Then I will say, there has to be a better way! I need to also accept my mistakes and allow myself to make a better choice next time!

I want my kids to grow up with a positive attitude in life and clearly the only way for them to have that is for me to show them HOW. Attitude is a learned trait. This is my goal and my challenge for I am only human with weaknesses of my own. But if I truly love my children, I will make these efforts because my life now revolves around them. I also hope that arming myself with shields of optimism and swords of positive words, I can be happier from within too. All the good will heal the bad. Because in the end good will always conquer over bad. I hope.

I hope my kids will have a positive attitude about life. I hope they will speak kind words to each other. I hope they will speak kindly of others and look for the good in all things. I hope they will believe that all things happen for a reason and even when bad things happen, there may be a blessing in disguise, so no need to be overly negative! I hope they will learn the lessons life will throw at them and become good men. I hope they will understand the importance of the words they choose. I hope.


Autumn Bliss

Amidst all the stress of life, I love running away to nature.

Everything feels so still and peaceful.

I am really going to miss these footpaths. And the fun we have had, the memories and conversations my toddler and I have had.

I must enjoy it as much as I can over the next few weeks. Especially the colourful autumn beauty that is like God’s art. The crisp air cools my heated nerves and I can breathe calmly again.

And it’s been at my doorstep. Counting blessings everyday.

I know I am trying to just absorb everything in my surroundings now, but I have so much hope for our future. That things will be better.

In America it is the Thanksgiving season. I am thankful for experiences that have taught me lessons of life, people who have touched my heart, and the loyalty of family.