3 Photographs That Have Inspired Me This Morning

A picture can say a thousand words right? And just like anything that is written, we interpret a picture to suit our life.

1. Two empty chairs and a door. I imagine sitting on those chairs with an old friend talking about everything in life and inside the door is a cozy place rich with memories. Oh, and its summertime and we are sipping lemonade.


2. Love these old worn shoes. Going on walks. Everyday errands. Chasing after the one we love, and our dreams. Always moving forward in life, even if we sometimes trip along the way.


3. As a lover of words and flowers, this photo won my heart!


(photos via flickr and etsy)

The Other Girl

She walked into the classroom and sat down at her assigned desk next to the “goth boy” who was always sketching. She wore a new outfit from Gap and her purse bragged real leather. The teacher took attendance as she glanced around the room. She made eye contact with one of her friends and mouthed a friendly hello. From her purse she reached for her lotion and put some on. Goth boy stopped sketching, and without moving, breathed in her sweetpea scent. Without her being able to see, he was sketching an intricate rose, wondering if she would appreciate the time he put into it. Maybe he’ll gather enough courage to actually give it to her this time. Maybe. She noticed he had paused and rolled her eyes at him. She put the lotion away, flicked her wavy hair and leaned her chin in her hands. She noticed the girl in front of her wore clothes she never saw before. Obviously they shopped at different stores. And her hair could use a serious… something. But the “new boy” next to her clearly saw something about her that made him keen. Everyday she watched as the new boy next to that girl brought her a gift of some sort. Yesterday he brought her a candy bar and she had overheard the girl whisper it was her favourite. Today he gave her some napkin roses he had rolled himself. It was sweet actually. Maybe she wasn’t all that but she was lucky in love.

She then looked to the front of the class where a blonde boy was sitting. They had gone out once and when he took her home he said she was very special to him. It made her feel so good to hear that. But then why did he never call again? It’s been over a month. Real special. Yeah right. To her left was another boy, a very different one because he had dark hair and played baseball. Every girl in the school at some point had had a crush on him. His girlfriend went to another school and rumours say she’s in college already. An older, smarter woman. He must have high expectations. She readjusted her snug jeans and opened her textbook. The teacher was reviewing last night’s homework. However her mind was not on government, it was on the boys.  Can’t they see she would be a really good girlfriend? Who cares about government. She wanted someone to make her napkin roses.

She walked into the classroom and sat in her usual seat in front of the blonde snob and the cute artist boy. He was always drawing something and he was very good at it. She always looked forward to when he let her look through his sketchbook. He should work for Disney or something. He also had gorgeous green eyes and smelled of laundry detergent. While the teacher took attendance she looked at the boy next to her. He was new at school. He was very thoughtful, not too cute but not ugly either, and overly keen. Everyday he brought her something to win her over. Today it was folded napkin roses. Lame. Sure it was a nice effort and all but she wanted someone who was interesting, not just nice. But she’ll enjoy the attention anyways. Behind her sat the girl who often flicked her hair at people and constantly smelled of lotion. She was one of the popular girls but she hardly smiled. Which didn’t make sense. The girl wished she also had blonde wavy hair and dubbed ‘Goldilocks’ by her peers. At best her hair was like Pippi Longstocking’s, red and kept in pig tails.

A few hours later in the day when the lunch bell rang, and after lunch was had, the student body gathered in the hallway. “Pippi” always sat on the floor next to the girl’s restroom and “Goldilocks” sat by the window surrounded by her circle of friends. At a random moment the two girls made eye contact. Pippi quickly looked down as Goldilocks gave a sympathetic smile. Poor girl, so alone. So sad. She should be happy. Pippi looked up and thought, poor girl, she looks so sad, but she should be happy.

(photo found on flickr)

The Part That Is Missing

There’s a part of me that’s missing

And it’s left me kind of cold

When I try and find it

I find myself alone.


A part of me is missing

And it’s left me incomplete

I’m walking down a new road

But I miss my old street


I keep myself moving

From place to place

Am I the same person?

Do you see the same face?


I don’t need to wonder

Because I already know

The part of me that’s missing

I left back HOME.


(photo via flickr)

Three Quiet Moments That Can Inspire

1. Reading. It may be rare to find a quiet moment to sit down and read something, anything. But when I can, I often feel uplifted by others words and wisdom and the lessons they’ve learned in life. Lately I have found that reading quotes is a great way to quickly feel inspired. Here are a few I have read recently:

“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” -JK Rowling

“A mother understands what a child does not say.” -author unknown

“Divide and rule, a sound motto. Unite and lead, a better one.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



2. Rest. There is that moment just before falling asleep I sometimes get my best ideas. Or when an entire memory makes itself into words and I have to get up and write them all down. Or I figure out how to cut a pattern of a dress design I sketched. Sleep is vital for inspiration.


3. Doing dishes. Surprised? This is a time when my thoughts really run in a short amount of time. This is a time when I most often solve many of my problems. Could it be the sound of the water? The symbolism of getting washed? Or the peaceful feeling of simply looking out the window at nature. Whatever it is, I have found doing dishes frees my thoughts.


(photos found here, here and here)


The People We Don’t Know

Sitting on the steps of my front porch, the sun warms my legs. The family are inside the house behind me, their voices a familiar background noise as I watch the cars in front of me drive by. A man driving alone in his pickup truck looks deshevelled and honks his horn at the driver in front of him. Soon, several drivers are honking and cussing out the window. The man in the pickup punches his steering wheel. Maybe he’s having a terrible day. What he is driving away from? Or towards? Maybe he just got wind of some bad news and doesn’t know how to deal with it. Like his wife just found out she has cancer, or his kid is in hospital, or he just lost his job. We don’t know.

Our trashcan sits by the sidewalk in front of our house. A raggedy woman, with stringy unwashed hair, shamelessly peers inside. What could she possibly want that we have thrown away? She takes out an empty Coolwhip container and puts it in her plastic bag. She doesn’t acknowledge my staring at her and continues to walk to the next trashcan. I remember that woman from a previous morning. I had walked my sister to the school bus stop about two blocks away. On my way back home this woman stopped me and said, “Never be alone! Never! It’s too dangerous!” Then she quickly looked around as if to make sure she wasn’t being followed before changing direction down an alley. After that, my brother escorted my sister to the bus stop. Had that woman been attacked? Her house broken into? Or maybe she had a daughter that had been a victim? We don’t know.

I stand up from where I was sitting and decide to go to Fishers Grocers down the road. I invite my younger sister to tag along.  Although I am nearly ten years older, we are the same height with the same long hair, and she is wearing my old tee shirt. As we walk just a few feet away from the house, the whistles and honks began. We roll our eyes. Ghetto pervs.

At the store, my sister and I chose a box of donuts and some ice cream. Standing in line, the lady in front of us was really rude to the male cashier. She shouted and swore and threw her money at him. Other customers shook their heads in disapproval. Crazy woman. The store security guard stood close by watching. She took her bag of food and left. We paid for our sweets, and my sister made an extra effort to be nice to the cashier after that episode. As we walked through the parking lot on our way home, I see the rude lady sitting in her car frantically looking for something and sobbing at the same time. I walk over, tap on her window and ask, “Are you ok?” Her expression changed from meanness to despair. She rolled her window down and said, “I’m really sorry. I’m usually not like this. This morning my ex-husband took the kids and I don’t know where they are. I’m waiting for the police to get back to me.” My sister gasped. My heart softened as I thought about a close friend of mine who was in a similar situation. The lady started sobbing again and between breaths she muttered, “I just hate men. Hate hate hate them!” I offered a donut and said we will pray for her. She smiled and said she had to go. We watched her car drive off. I look at my sister and said, “We just never know do we?”

(photo found on flickr HERE)

3 Things That Inspire Me Today

I believe we as a people can inspire each other as we strive to do good and use our talents. Here is what (and who!) is inspiring me.


1. Etsy sellers! I love browsing through the treasury. Like a collage of inspiration. This treasure was found here.


2. Catching-confetti blog! From thoughts on family life, to encouraging you to go ahead and do things yourself, this blog with all its colour will be sure to get you thinking.


3. Nie Nie Dialogues. This woman inspires me. When I start to feel lazy or uncapable, I am reminded that nothing should stop me from living a happy life and sharing my talents with the world.

I Know He’s THE One

Years before I was married, I had gone to a singles convention in Manchester. One of the classes they had was about dating and for the umpteenth time in my life, they had us write down the most important qualities we wanted in a spouse. I thought that would be easy. So on the paper I made my list, tucked it in a book and forgot about it.

Years later, I found my One and we had a lovely winter wedding. Months after our big day, I was tidying my huge heap of books and a slip of paper was found. Ah-ha! I suddenly remembered sitting in that class contemplating qualities that were most important to me. I had to show Him. After He read it, He simply said, “That’s me!”

Here is what I had written so long ago: I wanted a man that would eat anything I cooked. He had to have green in his eyes. I wanted a man who could play the guitar. I wanted a man who had a strong belief in God. And of course there were other things too.

Don’t you love those moments when you feel a warm confirmation that you are with the One? He’s just for you. XOXO 

Black on the Runway

I love clothes. And I especially love wearing black clothes. I also love autumn fashion and was so happy to see so many black peices on the runway. Here are some of my favourite picks:


Alberta Ferretti

Burberry Prorsum

Bottega Veneta


Nina Ricci

Do you love wearing black too?


(photo found on flickr)

She’s a rose

Watch her grow

Love her thorns

Nevermind the storms

She holds our soul

She’s our rose


In a raincloud

There is doubt

Of any good or beauty

Needing eyes that can see

See the gray and also blue

See the love we have for you

Without rain you cannot live

Accept heaven’s gift


She’s my rose

I watch her grow

Forgive her thorns

She settles storms

She holds my soul

That’s my rose.


My Two and a Half Foot Shadow


Don't get on the computer without me mom!

He’s always there. When I climb out of bed, he follows me into the living room. When I walk into the kitchen and try to close the gate behind me, I can’t, he’s awkwardly in the way. Every time I get off the couch and get something to eat from the kitchen, he follows me whether he wants to eat too or not, like a shadow he has to go where I go. If I have a pen and paper in hand, he has to see what I am doing and often wants to hold what I am holding, do what I am doing, eat what I am eating, see what I am watching and with our recent colds, he has even torn toilet paper peices and tried to blow his nose into it when I do!

I am quickly learning how important it is that I always be a good example and try to make right choices because he is not only watching, but he is copying much of what I do. Soon, he will be repeating the things I say. He is moulding into his own person but he is counting on me to show him the right direction.

And as always, when I am not looking, he knows it.


Look what I drew on myself mommy!