I Know He’s THE One

Years before I was married, I had gone to a singles convention in Manchester. One of the classes they had was about dating and for the umpteenth time in my life, they had us write down the most important qualities we wanted in a spouse. I thought that would be easy. So on the paper I made my list, tucked it in a book and forgot about it.

Years later, I found my One and we had a lovely winter wedding. Months after our big day, I was tidying my huge heap of books and a slip of paper was found. Ah-ha! I suddenly remembered sitting in that class contemplating qualities that were most important to me. I had to show Him. After He read it, He simply said, “That’s me!”

Here is what I had written so long ago: I wanted a man that would eat anything I cooked. He had to have green in his eyes. I wanted a man who could play the guitar. I wanted a man who had a strong belief in God. And of course there were other things too.

Don’t you love those moments when you feel a warm confirmation that you are with the One? He’s just for you. XOXO 


3 thoughts on “I Know He’s THE One

  1. That is an awesome confirmation, I have had those moments myself. that is an adorable picture by the way! I am glad that Shaun found you!

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