Big Kid

My 7 year old recently told me that he’s a big kid and can take care of himself. “Why do we need a mommy?” With a raised eyebrow to this comment, looking at the child who was the most dependent and clingy of all 3 babies, the child who constantly lacks motivation to do even the simplest of things (like wanting me to wipe his backside because a few minutes of wiping himself is an eternity!), the child who only last year decided he can do zippers on his own, the child who still (remember he’s 7) begs me to feed him his dinner because he is too lazy! Why does he need a mommy?!?!

For all of us moms out there we KNOW why our little ones need us. But in this moment of overwhelming emotions, and a thousand answers could have done good, I chose to simply say- “HA! You can’t live ONE day without me.” And a few seconds later I had to remind him that the plate of food in front of him was meant to be eaten. By him. Oh yes he is a big kid.

Nearer to bedtime it was sweet when he sat next to me on the couch and asked for cuddles, and in his own epiphany says to me, “I need you for a lot of things mommy but cuddles are my favorite.” Awwww. Melt my heart anytime kiddo, and as always, all is forgiven and forgotten.