Heart Everything You Love

I titled this “everyTHING” and not “everyONE” because it is so obvious to me that we love and are grateful for our near and dear. There are times I need to remind myself there is so much MORE in this world that gets easily overlooked and forgotten that has contributed to my heart.

My heart flies farther than the end of my road.

On sunless days our hearts may feel shadowed by the frustrations of the current circumstances we find ourselves in. I think its great to seek, find and make our hearts in our everyday life. Personally, I do struggle during the dark winter so these reminders simply help. A bit like my ‘Beating Depression’ series that I tried to start and ironically never finished because winter knocked the motivation right out of me!

Hearts are Love.

I love books, libraries, reading, writing and just words!

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I love to cook, eat and watch others enjoy it too.

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I love to sew and create.


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I love the many adventures marriage brings.


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I love to travel and discover all the different beauties this world has.

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I love how music can often find the words you can’t.

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There is so much more I could add my heart to. Flowers and gardens. Going for long walks in nature. Maps for road trips. Art galleries in old cities. Walking along a sandy beach barefoot. Going to the zoo with my kids!

There is a quote I found that said, “If you want to know where your heart is, look to where your mind goes when it wanders.”  I imagine our minds wander very far from our address.

In my continued efforts to stay positive, I am currently surrounding myself with hearts to remind myself of what is in mine. The more love I feel for the world around me, the more I can feel love within myself and be a happier person for those I already treasure in my heart the most.

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Fighting Contention with Positivity


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Contention is like fire. It starts small. A bunch of small fires, or arguments, will burn into each other and grow into a huge fire. Fires destroy homes. So does contention. Fires can kill. Contention kills relationships.

Contention is a tricky subject that can be divided and sub divided and then categorised into a hundred different sub categories with a million opinions on every line.

My only purpose is to share what happened one night between my husband and I. We started arguing about something very small. We both had our opinions and were not standing down! It escalated. And the whole time I was getting more angry because I knew how stupid the whole thing was and I was angry that I had gotten so angry! I wanted the tension to simmer down but how? How do we invite positivity into such a heated furnace of contention? As my husband and I finally sat in awkward silence fed up, a thought popped into my head:

“See this as an opportunity to learn and apply the principle of forgiveness.”

Oh good! A fight! Now I can learn about forgiving others! (I can actually see eyes rolling.) However, it’s true. Forgiving feels good and the heavy burden of tension almost immediately gets lifted. It doesn’t matter who was right about the initial argument itself. We were both wrong in being so contentious and allowing it to get out of hand.

So I can be sorry for the unintended hurt that was caused by my words without being the weak link. I can forgive even if the other person isn’t sorry. (Although I am blessed with a husband who is quick to apologise and quick to forgive.) I can go to sleep with more peace choosing forgiveness and being sorry than “winning” the argument at hand. And often these arguments where neither of us are willing to stand down, we do agree to just drop it and that works. Forfeit the argument and walk away with good feelings.

How we live is our choice.

Our attitude is our choice.

We can’t stop things from happening to us but we do choose how we react to it all.

Be positive every time. x

The Lady Who Played the Lottery- A True Story

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In my younger years I worked at a petrol station and met a lot of different people. Some strange, some kind, some easily forgotten and then there are those that despite me not knowing their name, I genuinely cared about their situation and said a prayer for them. The lottery lady was one of those.

She came at the same time on the same day of every week wearing the same clothes. Big brown clogs on her wide feet. Her long skirt fitted around her round shape and only left her bare ankles showing its freckly skin. Although it was still warm from the late summer nights, a loose earthy toned long sleeve shirt and an even bigger scarf covered her top half. Grey unruly hair framed her colourless face but she always greeted us warmly.

Hopeful, she’d say,

“That one for $20.”

We all knew which one. Nine green rectangles with dollar signs on them. The same one each week. The way she dressed had me pre-judging her to be financially strained but I’m sure in those days I simply called her “poor”,  and with that label I never knew why she would spend so much money on the lottery. Seemed like such a waste. She quickly and eagerly scratched her card before I even had her money in the register.

She tapped her penny on the counter when she finished and said,

“Oh nevermind. Maybe next time.”

She never won but she did always come back to try again. One night I finally asked her where she was coming from this late at night every week.

“My daughter is in the hospital.”

Her eyes stayed down and I felt her fighting back tears. That was all she would say, and we didn’t dare ask more. Her visits were always short but with that extra information, her quick exit felt so wrong and awkward.

Now that we knew something was troubling her we had decided that next time we would do something or have something nice for her. I was excited and imagined how happy she would be.

When I think back, I sadly don’t remember exactly what that “nice something” was but I do remember that as we waited for her to come at the same time on the same day she always had, this time she did not come.

Even now it really pulls at my emotions because there was no closure. What happened to her daughter? Did she get better and go home or was it bad news? Did she run out of $20 dollar bills? Is she okay?

I continued to work at that petrol station for another six months but never saw the lottery lady again. But I could never forget her because she had so much mystery and emotion about her.

Each person’s life is full of stories and when I cross paths with certain people, I just want to hear theirs. Listen to them, cry with them, be happy for them. There is so much we can learn from each other.

This one had no ending to satisfy the reader. As is with many things in life and sometimes that’s the reality of it.

If I am to learn one lesson from the experience of meeting the lottery lady, is that I should not have taken so long to talk to her. Time does not wait for us. It keeps ticking, people’s lives keep going and the world keeps turning whether we are paying attention or not.

Need to live with no regrets.


Snack Time Drama



Just another day at snack time with my kids:


This is really good, can I have some more?


What? There’s no more raisins?






My brother, give me some of yours!


I don’t think so.

Gotta love my kids! x

Lessons From My Toddler: A Reflection of Me


Sometimes he does not listen and I shout for his attention.

Sometimes I do not listen and he shouts for my attention.

Most of the time he thinks he knows best.

Most of the time I think I do.

There are many times he is too busy playing to stop and eat or tidy or listen.

There are times I feel I was too busy to play, read, talk or listen.

He is a direct reflection of me.

So I continue to try and be better. He is teaching me the important things in life. x

Be Positive Every Time


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Every year I make new years resolutions and every year I forget to look at what I had written down! So this year I am making it incredibly simple for myself. ONE GOAL. Surely I can’t forget one right? 😉 And to make it even easier on my ever-aging brain, I’m keeping it to FOUR words:

Be Positive Every Time.

Maybe that sounds like a life motto instead of a goal.

When I sit at my sewing machine and mess up, I want to stay positive instead of feeling frustrated.

When I stand on the scale and realise how much we don’t get along, I want to stay positive and keep trying.

When things aren’t going my way with the kids, I want to stay positive.

Staying positive might help me find solutions so that I can finally achieve all those other quiet resolutions I did not write down.

I chose “every TIME” instead of every day for good reason. I’ll state the obvious here: There are more moments than there are days. In my lil opinion, we need to focus on the decisions we make in the moment. If we say, “I’ll try again tomorrow” then there are too many opportunities missed. We need to try again next TIME.

In a few days I hope to post more on this and share a personal experience on how I found something positive during a moment of contention. I also plan on starting a new series where I will post a positive quote each week (day to be decided but look for it!) to help keep us battling against the negative darts the world throws our way.

Hoping you have a lovely start to the New Year and good luck with your resolutions! x

New Year, New Life, New Address

I have seen a number of posts where people are really excited for the new year because 2012, to say bluntly, sucked. Last year was not easy but then again, what year is? No one day is perfect. No one year ever is either.

I wanted to think of ten things that made 2012 GOOD and let the good override all the hard stuff.

This is listed in the order the events happened.


1. This time last year we were in Ohio on holidays and I got to spend a day with just my sister and I (and baby who was only 6 months old). She planned the day in Canton and I loved it! We walked around McKinley park and we picnicked in her car. Took lots of pictures. We went to the mall and my favourite store and drove down memory lanes past places that were meaningful to us. Thanks Katherine for a great outing!


2.My heart has been touched countless times as I think of all the people- every single one of you!- who stepped in and helped my family when the Hubs was in hospital. My mom or sister watched the kids every night while someone drove me to hospital. Friends visited him on their own time, brought him meals, sent us messages and kept us in their prayers. Thank you for making the difficult times heartwarming with your kindness.


3. Summer mornings are my favourite with the kids. I peg the washing outside (which I love to do!) and we go to the park, then we walk along the lovely footpaths before going back home for naps and lunch. Playing outside with my kids is the best!


4. My baby had a few milestones this year! He was weaned, turned one and learned how to walk!


5. A long anticipated trip to Sweden highlighted our summer! I was so happy to share my family with loved ones there and to share the experience of Sweden with my husband and kids. It was wonderful!


6. Having a boot sale with the hubs was fun! We had such a great day! 🙂 Thanks mom for having the kids! Love you!


7. One day in particular stands out. My sister watched the kids so the hubs and I could go out on a day date. It was soon after a recent change in his treatment and we went out WITHOUT his crutches! I feel I witnessed a miracle that day and I’ll never forget how happy we both were!


8. I think fondly of all the play dates and dinners we have shared with friends and family. Love you all so much! x


9. Getting definite news that yes indeed we are moving back to Ohio! England, you have been good to me and you will be missed!


10. Starting a new life here and all the incredible blessings received already! Thank you to my wonderful mother in law for everything she has done! Love you!

Meant To Be!

Meant To Be!

Would like to also mention that hubs and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this past December! Love you Shaun!

Ten is not a big number. Lots of more wonderful things happened this year to my family and good news all around from the siblings that add to my joy of knowing blessings never cease. I am so grateful for all the good God blesses us with in our lives. Even during times of hardship throughout the year, there is always more to be thankful for.

Now living in our new address, starting our new life, I look forward to this new year. x