3 Things To Inspire… Me To Be A Better Person

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There have been lots of staircases in my dreams. And clocks. I would rather self analyse what it might mean instead of turning to a book. So for me, I am trying to reach greater heights. Progress to better-ment. And to not waste time. If I have little time to make life and myself better, I have lots to do. And lots to learn.

There is so much in life, we should be learning all the time. I often think of the people who have touched my life and taught me something vital. From how to achieve my goals, hold onto hope, love unconditionally, forgive without judgement or bitterness, or even practical things like the best pasta sauce recipe that I now make my family. All these people have helped me become who I am. But I know I can be better. I must be better.

This week I have found these 3 wisdoms that if applied, will help me take another step up.

1. One cannot hide behind their judgementality by calling it an “opinion.”

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2. We can have our own style, but it still should be modest and appropriate.

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3. Recognising that not everything that has happened in the past has to dwell in our present. Learn, let go and move on.

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3 Things That Are Inspiring Me Into Mama-mode!

With only a short time left before the next little boy arrives, I am getting baby-anxious. Am I ready? I think so, I have everything I need since I am having another boy, but I still feel this baby deserves his own new stuff. Fun stuff. And it will keep the excitement on the up side of things. Plus. I want it all homemade.

Here are 3 of my favourite ideas:

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Decorate a frame (or leave it plain) and add a fun photo of him while he’s still so little. And then add his name under the photo like this. Which reminds me, we need to decide on a name!

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Must find time to sew! My mom is the queen quilter, but when I give it a go, the 9-patch is all I can do so this idea looks perfect. I am loving the boyish prints and colours of this rag quilt, I’d like to make a crib pocket organiser with this theme in mind.

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There is something timeless and charming about wooden alphabet blocks. Sitting on a shelf spelling out something fun would be oh. so. cute. With some books next to them. And a teddy bear. xx

3 Things That Inspire Sisterhood


Photo taken of me and Emma in 2006


In 2006, me, my two sisters and our mom

My sister is here from America visiting for a few months. It is so nice having her around, or just knowing she is around! This week I dedicate this post to SISTERHOOD.

Three things my sisters have always shown me:


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1. LOVE. A sister will always think you are beautiful and worth the very best.

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2. KINDNESS. A sister will always hold your hand and know where to go when you feel lost.


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3. LOYALTY. A sister will always be one of your closest friends.

3 Ideas That Inspire an Escape

Maybe the travel bug is biting me again because the last few weeks I have been itching for a getaway. BUT my pregnant belly keeps me grounded right here at home. I dream everyday. And in these daydreams there is always a suitcase. I have suitcases but I want something more fun. And since I am not really going anywhere, something I can look at everyday to make me happy. Here is what I have found that has me wanting.

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1. A suitcase just like me: ready to go but staying right here at home.


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2. If I can’t literally go anywhere, my mind can still travel through a book.

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3. Markets, finding, spending, reusing, and pretending all make me happy.

3 Photographs That Inspire a Feeling in Me

This morning I am dreaming and wanting to pack a vintage suitcase and run away. I want to see something new and amazing.

So I went online.

I want to be up in the clouds.

I want to sit in a tree and hide from the world.


I want to feel the snow crunch under my feet and listen to the quiet.


My adventure today will be going to the park by my house with the toddler. I’ll wear “travel clothes” just for fun. x



3 Things That Inspire Me To Get Motivated

Admit it, sometimes we need a little help to motivate us to start a project, finish a to do list or get the vacuum out. Here are three things that “knudge” me to get moving and doing.


1. Paper. Notebooks. Of any kind. When it is in front of me, on my lap and pen in hand, I write write write. Anything and everything. Random words. Nice smelling words. Rhyming words. Emotional words. Love words. Paper to a writer is like a blank canvas to a painter, ready to tell a story.



2. Fabrics. Untouched. Ready to be patterned, cut, pinned, sewn, used and admired. Sometimes the fabric “tells” me what it wants to be. I have always loved touching fabrics; the soft, the velvety, the rough, the smooth, the sheery, the silky and the knitted. Love.



3. A clean kitchen. I am still a housewife/homemom and the kitchen is a very important place for me. When the kitchen is clean and uncluttered, I enjoy preparing a meal. Especially braving a new recipe requires a decluttered counter. Some lovely flowers help too.


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