Packing Without Being a Pack Rat

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Considering all the trips we have already done to charity and all the things I have just given away to friends and family, I honestly still don’t view myself as a pack rat! It’s confusing how so many things seem to just accumulate. But now to make choices and fit it all in a suitcase. Several suitcases and a few boxes to ship.

Choosing what stays and what goes isn’t easy. However sometimes it is not the actual item I am looking at, it is the memory that it represents. Like proof it actually happened or the people that were here and have gone. These people and experiences has influenced me. I retell the stories and like ‘show and tell’ at school, I have my prop. It also represents I meant something to that person to give me something. The efforts or sacrifices that were made to obtain the item and then give it to me. It’s almost priceless.

And then there’s the feeling of, “we finally have everything we need!” and now we will be starting over. As newly weds we had a fair amount of kitchen stuff but as a stay at home mom it’s nice knowing I’ve got the crockpot (now sold at the boot sale) the fun grater, the rolling pin, several sizes of casserole dishes, etc. I know I can find the same things anywhere, it’s just shopping all over again. Is something wrong with me? When did I start to dislike shopping?

These are my decisions ┬áto make. I must be realistic, practical and not overly sentimental. Will prepare another bag for charity this afternoon….

The Countdown Begins

Exactly two weeks today we will be heading to the airport. So much to do, not so much time left! Emotions are high, stress can be high at times, things are slowly disappearing around the house yet great efforts are made to live the normal day to day life with the kids. Trying to squeeze in as much family time as we can. We are also trying to avoid the feeling of “did we forget anything?”

My brother comes this weekend and that will be the great finale. The end of his visit begins the real move of big furniture, the arrival of my parents-in-law and more than likely takeaways and quick sandwiches for the weekend!

I have always loved adventures. This is life changing, as is with every move we’ve had so far! This is going to be another fun chapter to write about as it happens! Whatever happens, challenges, blessings, hardships, setbacks, happy reunions, re-visiting old memory lane, life is never a dull moment.

Two weeks. But its still just another day where dishes need done, laundry needs washed, the kids and I will need to go on a walk, we’ll tidy their toys and give them baths. In between the running and laughing and eating and listening to music and watching a movie is when I am emptying cupboards and sneaking things into charity bags like its perfectly normal.

Hope you have a good day too! x

Autumn Bliss

Amidst all the stress of life, I love running away to nature.

Everything feels so still and peaceful.

I am really going to miss these footpaths. And the fun we have had, the memories and conversations my toddler and I have had.

I must enjoy it as much as I can over the next few weeks. Especially the colourful autumn beauty that is like God’s art. The crisp air cools my heated nerves and I can breathe calmly again.

And it’s been at my doorstep. Counting blessings everyday.

I know I am trying to just absorb everything in my surroundings now, but I have so much hope for our future. That things will be better.

In America it is the Thanksgiving season. I am thankful for experiences that have taught me lessons of life, people who have touched my heart, and the loyalty of family.


Missing That Place

A few weeks ago my husband and I were able to go out on a lunch date. We took the bus. Part of that bus route was the same as a bus route I took when we lived over there. An odd feeling set in as I thought about those times when I took that other bus. Nostalgia? No ways. I was not happy living over there, but there are always good memories to remember in all places we have lived.

When we lived over there, my fondest memories were the spring of the second year after we moved in. I was in my second trimester of pregnancy and my toddler was not yet two years old. Living on the second floor proved a bit difficult with the stairs and my ever growing belly but I loved taking my toddler to the nearby park and going on walks. Once a week we would take the bus to the mall, a five minute ride, straight into the Works store where he could choose a book or small toy or treat and we’d hop back on the next bus home. Like a typical boy my toddler didn’t like the mall too much and would throw a fit if we were there too long. Too long being more than 30 minutes! After we stepped off the bus at our bus stop we would go on a walk and then home. Have lunch and then we’d both have a nap next to each other. When we woke we’d have chocolate milk. I’d cuddle him next to my big belly and feel the joy every woman feels when she sees her family growing. Those were sweet moments. There is something unique and special spending time with your first born. sometimes I miss just being us and cherish the moments we are one to one. That is what I see and remember when I glance back there.

In the moment I couldn’t wait to leave and get out of there, but now that we’re gone, part of me misses it! Life is so full of irony! x

Four Weeks.

Sometimes it is difficult to put into words how one is feeling when there is an overload of emotions. Or how to go about saying something and not knowing where or how to start. I am looking for the words. For the sentences. For the creativity to come. For something to click but it’s all a jumbled mess instead.

By nature I am a very organised person. I don’t feel very organised with how to tell everyone I am moving. I have been keeping it pretty quiet but it comes as no surprise with everything that has happened this year medically with my husband. He needs better care. I have been avoiding talking about it because tears seem to instantly choke me.

To move to another country is huge. This will be the third time in my adulthood for me. Moving is normal otherwise, I have over thirty addresses under my belt since the age of 4. One of the first questions I tend to ask myself when moving is, What am I going to keep?

Aside from all the trips we have done already to charity shops, and more to do in the coming weeks, aside from the boot sale and the big storage unit clean out, I hope the main thing I will get to keep are the friendships and the memories. I’m desperate to document as much as possible, as much as my memory serves but goodness knows memory is not reliable! So many people have influenced my life and especially those who have shared these special first years of motherhood. It’s been lovely to have friends who are pregnant at the same time and have children the same age. There is so much understanding and compassion.

Four weeks before the big day. One suitcase is already done packed.

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There are many mixed emotions. Excited for a new start with my family and seeing old friends, but always sad to say goodbye to so many loved ones here. With communication today via internet and phones it’s not so bad but still not easy. Especially with kids. They ask questions so innocently it just tugs at your heart.

Last year a friend of mine moved to the north of England and she kept saying, “I can’t think about what I am leaving behind, just what I am moving towards.” I need to think like that too. All the things we plan to accomplish and do for our future.

It’s been good here. It’ll be good there too. So that’s the best I can do in announcing it formally. Nothing overly crafty or creative. Just kind of being blunt I guess. I have been living in Europe over eleven years. That is such a long time. Nearly a third of my life and most of my adult life. There is much I have done and loved.

Four weeks and a new chapter begins. x