We live in a world that is not big girl friendly. Although I am kind of a petite person, standing at just over five feet tall, my last trimester opened my eyes to how tight spaces are built! What genius thought, ‘hey in this small stall where there is hardly room to turn around, let’s make the door open inwards too!’ Has anyone else lived in a house where doors hit each other? Or cupboards are so deep you can’t reach the back unless half your body is in it? Am I the only one who has lived in a place where there is no place for a bin? Isn’t there an architectural law against stupidity?

Hi Grandpa

My family and relatives are found all over the globe. My grandfather on my dads side resided in Australia most of his life and he passed away when I was a kid. I never met him. Recently my mother recieved a wonderful surprise in the mail. My grandpa’s sister, who lives in Canada and has correspondence with my mom, sent my mom heaps of letters written to her from him. Several of us in the family are typing up all the letters and putting them all together. Last night I typed up my first letter. Just from one letter I felt like a kid sitting in her grandpa’s lap listening to his stories. I am learning a lot about him now and can’t help but think it’s such a shame our relationship began after he is no longer here.


If I had things my way, I would definitely be making some changes in my neighbourhood. The first thing I would do is make sure everyone had a parking space to keep their car. If I want to go on a walk, sidewalks are unavailable, the streets aren’t the best idea but lucky me there is a 200 metre footpath just behind my building. Walking the same short distance repetitively, looking at the same things, for a short period of time, absolutely thrills me.