What Is An Amazing Woman?



What qualities belong to an amazing woman? I know it is emotionally dangerous to start comparing our life with other women, more often than not we end up putting ourselves down. Lately it has really been weighing on me, what makes a woman so amazing? Here are some of my thoughts:

She may not be featured or particularly known,

The things that make her amazing not always publicly shown.

She watches her children day in and day out,

She is always there to hear and see what their life is about.

The things she does only her children take note,

For it is their hands she keeps clean and tickles their toes.

The dinners she cooks and the clothes that she cleans,

It is not made public for the world to see.

She only needs her children and husband to know,

The things she does is the love she shows.

She does not take fancy photos or have costly clothes,

She mends and makes do, this is the life she chose.

A simple life has grandeur for those who will see,

The wonder of a simple flower or listening to a buzzing bee.

There can be fun in following ants and watching a thunderstorm,

Nature’s gifts are never ending to explore.

An amazing woman finds no shame in her tears,

Life can be sweet but there are also hard years.

She does not run, but stays where she should be.

With devotion in her heart, she carries on quietly.

There are women I know who are amazing to me,

Their trials don’t stop them from being happy.

They endure so well, I wish I could be,

Amazing like them, but I am just me.

I do what I can and do as I should,

I love my family as any mother would.