Black on the Runway

I love clothes. And I especially love wearing black clothes. I also love autumn fashion and was so happy to see so many black peices on the runway. Here are some of my favourite picks:


Alberta Ferretti

Burberry Prorsum

Bottega Veneta


Nina Ricci

Do you love wearing black too?


3 thoughts on “Black on the Runway

  1. I do indeed like wearing black clothes. They almost always come across as looking more sleek and chic than other shades. I also find myself looking through a lot of grey in my wardrobe.

    As I look down I am actually wearing black and grey now. I’ll share with you, as I know you like fashion/clothes talk:

    Black puffy shoulder short-sleeve fitted shirt, grey/tweed effect waistcoat, black skinny jeans. Grey/metallic ballet pumps…It doesn’t actually sound very nice! Whoops :s

    It’s easier to pick black and grey out for work attire too, it seems the most professional things I have are these colours, which is a shame because I love to wear bright colours too!

    Keep up with the fantastic blog!
    Kirstiie x

    • Hey! i love dark colours, to me its just easy and i loved all the black i could wear working at harrods ages ago. your outfit sounds very cute! something to work and maybe also to go out after? love! i used to wear lots of colours but i feel the need to be tan and slim, not wintery pale and pregnant hehehe thanks for your comments! xx

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