Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Today my son was real whiny and I thought I’d try and tell him a story. I found myself telling it like this:

“Once a upon a time there was a girl named Goldilocks who was walking through the forest. She sounds like a rich girl with that name, but if she were rich she would have had bodyguards and not wandering a forest alone. Anyways, she saw a house and went inside. Now Ethan, if you ever come across a house and no one answers, do NOT go inside.

Well, this girl went inside and decided it was okay to eat other people’s food. There was a big bowl belonging to Papa Bear and Goldilocks thought it was too hot. So she helped herself to another bowl, but that porridge was too cold. Maybe Mama Bear liked cold food and put Papa Bear’s bowl in the microwave to make it extra hot. The third bowl was just right and that naughty little girl ate someone’s breakfast!

Goldilocks wasn’t finished being in a stranger’s house. She was tired and went upstairs to the bedrooms. Ethan, this was not clever and I hope you never do what she did. She layed in a big bed but thought it was too hard. She layed in another bed and thought it was too soft. She layed in the smallest bed, and went to sleep without thinking that maybe that bed belonged to someone else who was also tired.

Well, wouldn’t you know, the Bear family came back. Papa Bear noticed that someone had eaten of his porridge. Goldilocks hadn’t tidied after herself and left a mess! Mama Bear was not happy to see that her porridge had also been touched. I’d be upset too if I saw someone eating of my food. And poor Baby Bear had nothing to eat!

Papa Bear heard snoring upstairs so they all went up to see. Not only did Goldilocks make a mess in the kitchen, but she made a mess of their beds too! What a naughty little girl. Ethan if you ever go to someone else’s house, you tidy after yourself ok? Baby Bear found that girl in his bed and little Goldilocks woke up scared and ran away. The only smart thing she did was to never return. Remember Ethan, this is just a story.”

A Theory From Second Grade

In the second grade I remember the big girl talk: who likes who.

Some girls were popular with all the boys wanting to go out with them and some girls were left feeling like there was no one or their love went unreciprocated (me!).

One day as we sat in class, I was probably daydreaming about a future wedding with my recent crush when a thought popped in my head. There was someone for everyone.

I looked around the class. She likes him, he likes the other girl, she likes someone else, but he didn’t know that she liked him.

Theory: everyone is being liked/loved by someone whether they know it or not. So no one should ever feel unloveable or unwanted.

An eight year old theorist, my professor would be proud 🙂

Do you agree with my theory? Two decades later and I still believe this!


The Dream I Couldn’t Escape

Someone was chasing me. I couldn’t see who it was, but I knew they were right behind me. I was running through a small colourful fishing town on the tops of fence posts. The fence ran along backyards and all the houses were a dark wood and looked old. The town was poor. I noticed everything red. Flowers, laundry hanging out to dry, curtains in windows, a woman’s scarf. Cats seemed to be everywhere. Jumping off rooftops, meowing as their tail waved goodbye, all kinds of cats.

I ducked under a fence and a little girl looked at me. She was wearing a polkadot dress and holding a doll. I could hear myself panting as I kept running. The sky was getting darker as I was nearing the end of town. People were now no where.

The fence that had lined the small town was gone and I stood facing a beach. The fog made it impossible to see an escape route. In my dream I suddenly realised that it was just a dream. I stood on the beach facing the water, looked up at the sky and remembered that I was actually asleep and my sister was next to me. I started shouting her name. Emma! Emma! Wake up! I saw her face and knew she was in a dream of her own. I desperately tried to consciously make my arm hit her. But my body wouldn’t move. Emma! Wake up! I wanted to cry. I felt helpless, stuck in a scary dream and couldn’t wake myself up from it. Trapped in my subconscious!

I suddenly remembered Emma wasn’t the only one who was always there for me. I had Shaun. Shaun! Shaun! Help me! I cried out as loud as I could in my dream. I knew no matter what Shaun would never let me down. Shaun! Shaun! Then I heard his voice say my name. Nancy? I was full of relief and joy. Hearing his voice made me feel safe from the person chasing me. Everything would be okay because I had him closeby. The fog started disappearing and I woke up.

I have never had a dream where I knew it was just a dream and I wanted it to end but couldn’t wake up. I really was frightened! Sometimes I think dreams can symbolise something significant. My epiphany was that Shaun would always be there for me, I could trust him, and with him, everything will always be okay.

A Conversation

Friend 1- “Boats are safer in harbour, but that’s not what they’re built for.”

Friend 2-“Ah, but dear friend even the biggest boats sometimes need to dock for a while.”

Friend 1-“You know what? This boat outstayed its welcome at the harbour. Need to sail to deeper waters.”

Friend 2-“Then start the engine dear!”

I found this real conversation between two friends on facebook and thought it was brilliant. Thanks for letting me pass it on.