As the washing machine makes its rounds, I sit on the couch watching my one year old watch the washing machine with fascination. The sound of the crashing wet clothes hitting against the sides, knocking the dirt out of them. After a second or two, my thoughts wander.

Years ago I sat on a huge flat gray rock just off a hidden path. I had the ocean in front of me. Trees shaded me. The sound of the crashing waves had me in a trance. If I could have stayed in that same place forever, I would have. It was in a small fishing village on a Greek island. I remember my friend and I ate fresh strawberries on the side of the road. We had lunch in a cave furnished with leather couches. A doilie shop had lizards racing up the wall. The word “yassou” quickly became a part of my daily vocabulary. We watched two heavy greek women with aprons walking alongside each other like they had never separated. My friend nodded her head at them and said, “That could be us.”

The washing machine on its final series of spins jerks me out of my daydream. Ethan lost interest and is now pulling the DVDs off the shelf again. The words echo in my head, “that could be us.” Could’ve. But isn’t.

Dear Greece, I miss you. Next time I come, I promise to bring my family so they can fall in love with you too. x

Meeting the Parents

My blog has been quiet while my real life has been hectic, in a good way.

Ethan’s grandparents from Ohio came to visit us here in England and it has been a ball! We have seen Cambridge, Windsor Castle, and most of London!

Did you ever wonder what your in-laws would be like? I reckon the thought has crossed all our minds at some point. Shaun and I agree that we are both lucky to have great families that have accepted us and love us and we love them too!

Highlights of the trip:

Ethan! (sorry pics of Ethan tend to be blurry, he squirms A LOT!)

Our two Moms meet! (Don’t they both look great?)

On a punt in Cambridge. There is something special about being on water… hmm, maybe because I’m always on land?

A kiss with the hubby! Sweetie, why don’t we have more pics like this? 😉

Leo came down from Sheffield to meet the extended family and we had a beautiful day in London. That looks like a serious camera.

Although I have lived in England for over 8 years, the architecture of old buildings ceases to amaze and inspire me. This is from the National History Museum.

This morning we had to say our last “see you laters” but it was sad to let go. Dear Eldonna, I bit back the tears but I was crying with you! xx

Experiences like the past ten days remind me how much families really are the core of our lives. How grateful I am to know that Ethan is so loved by his grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles and cousins. We travel around the world for our families and loved ones. We share all important events and holidays with them. Our closest friends can feel like family because we love them so much too. I want to be with my family forever. x

Nature Walk

The other day I put Ethan in my sling and we went outside for a walk. I wasn’t feeling well so I was walking VERY slow. So slow I was able to take notice of some beautiful things.

I walked past a patch of yellow flowers and noticed one had been separated from the rest. Don’t we sometimes feel alone like that?

On a normal walk, I stroll along the pavement checking my watch, lost in my thoughts. This day, Ethan and I stopped to touch the softness of the leaves on a bush. He was fascinated.

What is it about nature that we find so soothing? so inspiring? so peaceful?

Ethan loved touching the leaves, the branches, the flowers, the brick walls, the wooden fences, the trees. I loved watching his face investigate it all.

How precious these moments are, noticing the beauty of nature and sharing it with my son.


Good morning! As I lay sleepily in bed next to my still snoring baby, I got on my iPhone to see what was in the world. Have you heard of Desigual?

I first stumbled upon this really cool store when I was in Barcelona with my mom years ago. I bought a top (sorry I can’t show you, it’s packed away in storage) for a fairly good price. Soon after Desigual opened a massive store on Regent St in London, right up the road from Oxford St where I worked. Yay!  Desigual is said to be a Spanish street style kind of fashion. I love their coats, their collage way of displaying their clothes, and well, pretty much the entire 2010 collection! Their kidswear is supercool too!

One day at work, (years ago) a customer came in with THE COOLEST top ever. So of course I ask her where can I get one? Desigual! I hurried over a few days later, but sadly that top was not in my size. But I did find something else, this very cool halter. Is there a store that gets you excited? One that you center a shopping trip around? Would love to hear about it!