My Two and a Half Foot Shadow


Don't get on the computer without me mom!

He’s always there. When I climb out of bed, he follows me into the living room. When I walk into the kitchen and try to close the gate behind me, I can’t, he’s awkwardly in the way. Every time I get off the couch and get something to eat from the kitchen, he follows me whether he wants to eat too or not, like a shadow he has to go where I go. If I have a pen and paper in hand, he has to see what I am doing and often wants to hold what I am holding, do what I am doing, eat what I am eating, see what I am watching and with our recent colds, he has even torn toilet paper peices and tried to blow his nose into it when I do!

I am quickly learning how important it is that I always be a good example and try to make right choices because he is not only watching, but he is copying much of what I do. Soon, he will be repeating the things I say. He is moulding into his own person but he is counting on me to show him the right direction.

And as always, when I am not looking, he knows it.


Look what I drew on myself mommy!


5 thoughts on “My Two and a Half Foot Shadow

  1. (c:
    han är bara för söt!!
    du har rätt, de små barnen kopierar oss i allting, det är så oerhört viktigt att vi tänker på det och försöker göra det bästa! jag behövde höra det idag! TACK för inspiration och för en härlig känsla! love you!
    p.s. tack så mkt för “Audrey-komplimangen”! (c;

  2. He’s a cute little shadow 🙂

    Ours is just showing us how much he’s paying attention to our actions. It’s cute and flattering… and a little freaky.

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