3 Things That Inspire Me Today

I believe we as a people can inspire each other as we strive to do good and use our talents. Here is what (and who!) is inspiring me.


1. Etsy sellers! I love browsing through the treasury. Like a collage of inspiration. This treasure was found here.


2. Catching-confetti blog! From thoughts on family life, to encouraging you to go ahead and do things yourself, this blog with all its colour will be sure to get you thinking.


3. Nie Nie Dialogues. This woman inspires me. When I start to feel lazy or uncapable, I am reminded that nothing should stop me from living a happy life and sharing my talents with the world.


2 thoughts on “3 Things That Inspire Me Today

  1. jag känner mig hedrad att hamna i din fina blogg, speciellt i din inspirations lista! tack, det gör mig så glad! jag älskar dina “3 Things That Inspire Me…”!! man behöver få inspireras av andra, som du säger, vi kan ge varandra så mycket!
    love you so much! pussokram!

    • efter denna mork vinter jag kanner mig verkligen att jag behovs inspiration och jag drar min styrka fran andra. jag saknar dig jatte mycket och e glad att jag kan kanna mig en del av ditt liv genom lasa din blogg. alskar dig xx

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