Autumn Bliss

Amidst all the stress of life, I love running away to nature.

Everything feels so still and peaceful.

I am really going to miss these footpaths. And the fun we have had, the memories and conversations my toddler and I have had.

I must enjoy it as much as I can over the next few weeks. Especially the colourful autumn beauty that is like God’s art. The crisp air cools my heated nerves and I can breathe calmly again.

And it’s been at my doorstep. Counting blessings everyday.

I know I am trying to just absorb everything in my surroundings now, but I have so much hope for our future. That things will be better.

In America it is the Thanksgiving season. I am thankful for experiences that have taught me lessons of life, people who have touched my heart, and the loyalty of family.



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