The Countdown Begins

Exactly two weeks today we will be heading to the airport. So much to do, not so much time left! Emotions are high, stress can be high at times, things are slowly disappearing around the house yet great efforts are made to live the normal day to day life with the kids. Trying to squeeze in as much family time as we can. We are also trying to avoid the feeling of “did we forget anything?”

My brother comes this weekend and that will be the great finale. The end of his visit begins the real move of big furniture, the arrival of my parents-in-law and more than likely takeaways and quick sandwiches for the weekend!

I have always loved adventures. This is life changing, as is with every move we’ve had so far! This is going to be another fun chapter to write about as it happens! Whatever happens, challenges, blessings, hardships, setbacks, happy reunions, re-visiting old memory lane, life is never a dull moment.

Two weeks. But its still just another day where dishes need done, laundry needs washed, the kids and I will need to go on a walk, we’ll tidy their toys and give them baths. In between the running and laughing and eating and listening to music and watching a movie is when I am emptying cupboards and sneaking things into charity bags like its perfectly normal.

Hope you have a good day too! x


2 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins

  1. You’re handling all this so well! Go you! I hope you’re as stress free as you sound in your posts 🙂 I’m so excited for you and your new adventure!

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