Packing Without Being a Pack Rat

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Considering all the trips we have already done to charity and all the things I have just given away to friends and family, I honestly still don’t view myself as a pack rat! It’s confusing how so many things seem to just accumulate. But now to make choices and fit it all in a suitcase. Several suitcases and a few boxes to ship.

Choosing what stays and what goes isn’t easy. However sometimes it is not the actual item I am looking at, it is the memory that it represents. Like proof it actually happened or the people that were here and have gone. These people and experiences has influenced me. I retell the stories and like ‘show and tell’ at school, I have my prop. It also represents I meant something to that person to give me something. The efforts or sacrifices that were made to obtain the item and then give it to me. It’s almost priceless.

And then there’s the feeling of, “we finally have everything we need!” and now we will be starting over. As newly weds we had a fair amount of kitchen stuff but as a stay at home mom it’s nice knowing I’ve got the crockpot (now sold at the boot sale) the fun grater, the rolling pin, several sizes of casserole dishes, etc. I know I can find the same things anywhere, it’s just shopping all over again. Is something wrong with me? When did I start to dislike shopping?

These are my decisions  to make. I must be realistic, practical and not overly sentimental. Will prepare another bag for charity this afternoon….


2 thoughts on “Packing Without Being a Pack Rat

  1. It IS really hard to get rid of things because of the memory associated with it, just like you said! And no, there is nothing wrong with you. I don’t like going shopping either. It would be much better if things would just magically appear when we need them.

  2. First of all, I wish you allll the luck in the world on your move, and packing…I know how hard that can be!! And secondly….my goodness, I hope to one day hate shopping too! haha

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