The Best of October

I love the month of October because:

we eat pumpkin pie.

and pumpkin bread- I like it with liver pate and a slice of cheese.

it is my brother’s and mother in law’s birthday.

my husband first came to England this month.

I love walking on dry leaves and hearing the ‘crunch’.

on Halloween I can play dress up.

Friday night pizza is at it’s best.

we can snuggle in blankets again.

camping is so fun with a bit of chill.

corduroy and big sweaters are in.

cooking in the kitchen warms up the house.

it’s the start to a whole bunch of holidays to look forward to!

What’s your favourite thing about October? x



6 thoughts on “The Best of October

    • Julie! Thanks so much for being a loyal reader! Its true there is a smell isnt there? Every fall I’m reminded of high school football games and the $1 pizzas from the snack stand! 🙂 xx

  1. my favourite thing about october: all the beautiful colors of nature, which makes one happy. like to make nice at night with all the candles, cozy! Xo.

  2. Its nice to see you have a blog! That picture is cute, I so love fall and all that comes with it, its my favorite time fo the year! They yummy treats, crisp weather, hot apple cider, leaves changing colors and halloween!

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