“Look at me, I know you’ve been crying.”

In the bathroom, I was wiping away the last of my tears and composing myself. After I touched up on my makeup, mom called me to go downstairs. When she saw my face she instantly said, “Look at me. You’ve been crying. Whats wrong?” No privacy! I asked frustrated and surprised, “How can you tell?!” Matter of factly she answers, “I’m your mom.” Knowing I couldn’t hide what she already saw, the tears came back and I told her everything.

I often think about that day, that moment when I felt no one knows me better than my mom. I don’t recall what I had been crying about but it’s irrelevant. I’m a girl, I’ve cried over lots of things. If I have a crying spell, but then pull myself together, I can go to work or the store or out with friends undetected. But I can’t hide my feelings from my mom, not even for a few seconds.


me and my mom 2007

Will I know my daughter that well? Okay I don’t have a daughter, I have a son. Will I one day be able to look in his eyes and read the emotions behind them? I hope so. I hope to be as good of a mom as mine has been to me.

Has this ever happened to you? If not your mom, someone close to you? Can you read your child’s eyes? x


2 thoughts on ““Look at me, I know you’ve been crying.”

  1. UNDERBART skrivet!!!!! oo! i love every single word! jag lovar att du kommer att få samma känsla för dina barn, den bara finns där. du fick mig att tänka på min underbara mamma, det var länge sedan jag berättade för henne hur jag har det och hur det känns inom mig, men när jag sist ringde henne, förra vecka, kände hon på en gång att jag var trött och stressad, hon bara visste det, utan att se mig, utan att prata med mig! otroligt!!! XO.E. ♥

    • its amazing with mothers. my mom always knew when something big was happening, even when we were across oceans! thanks for your comments! xx

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