The Adventures of Ethan

Ethan has recently figured out how to unscrew caps on things. Last night while having his bedtime bottle, he managed to unscrew while drinking and got milk all over himself- after a bath! Clever.

Ethan is near ready to walk. I think he pretends with me cuz the other night I was hiding as he was taking steps with daddy! This morning he’s been walking back and forth with his trolley walker (thanks to friends) and even learned how to turn around himself! Well done Ethan!

I was pushing Ethan all over the front room today and he just sat like a prince enjoying his ride! I love how he puts his feet up like he’s really relaxing! Hard life there Ethan? šŸ˜‰

Now all he needs is a leather jacket! ;D

Sometimes I wonder, if I didn’t have Ethan, what would I take pictures of? Is there anything more beautiful than a child’s face? x




One thought on “The Adventures of Ethan

  1. what he has grown … He is the cutest prince I’ve ever seen! and, no, there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than a child’s face! !love ya! XX

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