“Hi America! I’m Here!”


The title is taken from my toddler. He was so cute one afternoon and I caught a ten second video of him saying that. You can watch it here.

So it has been a few weeks, and it’s all been craaaaazy!

Moving a family of four across the ocean is not easy! I know families around the world are moving all the time and I’m just another one but I sure wouldn’t want to do it again! LOL

We have been so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family help us along the way. My husbands family and friends here prepared for our arrival while my family and friends there helped us depart. And especially grateful to my lovely in-laws for coming to England the weekend before and flying back with us! Saying good-bye to my mom and sister was really hard! (I’ll probably cry until I see them again!) We are a lucky generation to have Skype and other options to stay in touch.

I know I posted about packing before and I’m already regretting a few items, but c’est la vie* right?

Now we are still settling into our new home and I am so grateful for all the preparations and everything that was given to us to help us get a good start. As a housewife especially I must say my daily life doesn’t change much! I take care of the kids, cook and clean. What changes are my surroundings and “tools”. And time to shop is RARE! And to actually shop in a place where I don’t know where to find anything is very frustrating. I am truly grateful for such wonderful people in our lives that understood that and gave so much. It has also helped the kids adjust! They were happy to have their new bedroom ready for them with toys and puzzles and all sorts to now call their own. Their space. As a believer, I believe that when God sends His angels, He sends them through family and friends.

Of course from time to time I miss our home in England too. I can just thank God for giving me a good life with good memories to cherish.

Having been gone a long time, it’s nice to be reminded of the things that used to be familiar or “normal”. Watching the huge flocks of birds migrate south. Hearing the train whistle in the morning. Smelling a scent I used to wear as a school girl. Tasting my old favourite snacks. And speaking with American terms again! (USA:Mail. UK:Post.)

We are happy to be home and to be reunited with all that we have loved and missed. It’s all bittersweet but mostly sweet.

Hope to post more regularly soon! xx

*such is life


I Am Still


I am still

I am quiet

I might explode

I am calm

I am here

I tell myself no.

I ask questions

I get answers

I do not know.

I sit.

I speak.

I continue to go.

Things Have Gone a Bit Quiet

Life is always on a curve.

Sometimes I am super motivated and do a hundred things and am all over the internet telling everyone about it.

Other times, I’m just not.

And that’s where I’ve been lately. In the “not” of things.

I am still doing what normal housewives do, tending to the children, husband and home, but that alone lately has had me feeling content.

Often we fall to the pressures of time, and I am learning to enjoy the quiet moments of normality.

The sound of the wind rustling the leaves of bushes and trees when I take the kids out for a walk.

Enjoying the shade on a sunny day as I push the kids on the swings at the playground.

Savouring each bite of a simple meal with my family around me.

Relaxing with my husband each evening after the kids are asleep.

All without feeling like I have to tell the world about it right that instant.

So it’s been quiet on the blog for a while.

And as I sit here my toddler is nagging me for photo booth….. maybe that’s the truth of things. My children want all my time and attention 🙂

I Have A Hundred Stories, But No Words

Have you ever sat down with someone you have not seen for a long time and when you both look at each other you think or say, “I have so much to say. So much has happened I don’t know where to start!”

Writers block is kind of the same thing. Life happens faster than I can type or write down. And since a lot of life’s happenings involve my hands, I can’t always stop and take a picture either!

The last 18 months seem like a whirlwind of major events. And all those events revolve around my family. Our baby being born and my husband’s illness being the biggest changes in our lives.

Writing has always been a creative and expressive outlet for me but the words have temporarily stopped. At least for now. So I am engaging my creative energy on sewing and crafting, which I post on my other blog: www.mycherryavenue.blogspot.com

I have a hundred stories I’d love to tell. And I will. One day. Maybe in a few days I’ll post again.

Speak soon x

The People I Like

Things have gone a bit quiet here in my Velvet Notebook. I have been busy at home prepping for Fathers Day, tending to sickly children and other matters. However, I have been thinking a lot about people and who I choose to spend my time with. People who help lift me up, make me feel happy, and encourage me to stay on my feet.

But more than that, I also like people who…..

Don’t mind that I use scissors to cut my pizza instead of a pizza cutter. They work great!

Don’t make me feel like I have to look good. Vanity is often the LEAST of my worries!

Can have an open conversation about anything and not be offended that the rest of the world thinks differently than them.

Give good advice. Good advice meaning the kind that doesn’t make me feel like I HAVE to do this or that to be a good mom. Best advice I’ve got: “do what works for you” and “choose your battles”. I understand now why my mom used to always say, ‘I just want peace in my life’.

Love a good bargain. Shop second hand. Spread the word on sales. Living on a budget does not need frowned on.

Appreciate homemade meals and handmade gifts.

Understand what tired means. They are the first to forgive my emotional outbursts, if my kids are in pjs all day, if I haven’t had a haircut for over 6 months, forgot to shave, and have lived on frozen pizza for a week. I was tired.

Don’t mind that I use kitchen towels (paper towels) instead of napkins when they come over for a meal.

There are hundreds of wonderful qualities that I love about my friends and family, these are just a few items I have thought about. Thank you to my wonderful friends for touching my life in so many positive ways and especially for reading my blog 😉 xx

The Way She Walks

In her step, you see she has walked hundreds of miles. Streets lined with trees, streets in the city, streets filled with people and others near hidden. She has walked in different countries. There are reasons why she is walking and not on transport. She walks like she knows where she is going, even when she doesn’t, she doesn’t care because she doesn’t view “a wrong turn” as wrong, just a detour, a possible adventure or discovery.

With each step she holds her head high. She knows exactly where her feet are and where her eyes need to be. Her life has foundation and focus. Her shoulders back, she carries an air of confidence. Troublemakers let her pass by them, “not her” they say. “let her keep walking.” And she does. She never stops.

Even though she is walking, look at her face for just a minute. She does not need to speak for you to know she is intelligent. Her eyes are deep with wisdom and experience. And yet when you see her walking by, you long to stop her, invite her to sit down, and talk with you for hours. Even her voice, you just got to hear it.

She walks with ease among different groups of people. Her heart is open and compassionate to all. She walks endlessly out of love for family and friends. She walks alongside her greatest treasures, her husband and her children.

She has walked down paths of darkness and sorrow, and walked her way back up to lighted paths of happiness and joy. She has often walked alone. She holds dear the day she walked towards her husband on their wedding day, a day that began their ‘together forever’. She now walks holding the hands of their children.

She is strong and prepared with faith on unpaved footpaths. She is weary of the hidden roots and does not stumble. She is not over zealous on the flat paved sidewalks and accepts the broken squares ahead, knowing she can conquer their challenge. She appreciates the beauty and the workmanship of the cobblestones. She thanks God for the road that leads her home.

The way she walks is who she is. A woman with an unchartered map of stories to tell. Watch her. Listen to her. Love her. x