She Changed Our Lives Forever.

The blog went quiet soon after we found out I was pregnant. My pregnancies are always rough.


2015 proved to be one of the most difficult years of my life, for many reasons. There are days I’d rather forget. There are things in the past I need to bury, left quietly hidden in the shadows or deep under a mountain, and eventually becoming the unseen ground I walk on because I am now looking up and forward. In contrast, because of her, it has also been one of the most wonderful years of my life.


When everything around me felt like an emotional storm, complete with screams and tears, she has been my calm. I hold her and I can breathe. I watch her and I can smile. My sad tears become happy tears because she has been here to help me through it all. I had no idea this kind of joy existed. My heart literally feels warm and slightly giddy, like a love bubble invisibly bursting through my chest. So grateful she is here with us, making our family smile more than we have ever done before.


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