Be Positive Every Time


(photo credit unknown)

Every year I make new years resolutions and every year I forget to look at what I had written down! So this year I am making it incredibly simple for myself. ONE GOAL. Surely I can’t forget one right? 😉 And to make it even easier on my ever-aging brain, I’m keeping it to FOUR words:

Be Positive Every Time.

Maybe that sounds like a life motto instead of a goal.

When I sit at my sewing machine and mess up, I want to stay positive instead of feeling frustrated.

When I stand on the scale and realise how much we don’t get along, I want to stay positive and keep trying.

When things aren’t going my way with the kids, I want to stay positive.

Staying positive might help me find solutions so that I can finally achieve all those other quiet resolutions I did not write down.

I chose “every TIME” instead of every day for good reason. I’ll state the obvious here: There are more moments than there are days. In my lil opinion, we need to focus on the decisions we make in the moment. If we say, “I’ll try again tomorrow” then there are too many opportunities missed. We need to try again next TIME.

In a few days I hope to post more on this and share a personal experience on how I found something positive during a moment of contention. I also plan on starting a new series where I will post a positive quote each week (day to be decided but look for it!) to help keep us battling against the negative darts the world throws our way.

Hoping you have a lovely start to the New Year and good luck with your resolutions! x


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