New Year, New Life, New Address

I have seen a number of posts where people are really excited for the new year because 2012, to say bluntly, sucked. Last year was not easy but then again, what year is? No one day is perfect. No one year ever is either.

I wanted to think of ten things that made 2012 GOOD and let the good override all the hard stuff.

This is listed in the order the events happened.


1. This time last year we were in Ohio on holidays and I got to spend a day with just my sister and I (and baby who was only 6 months old). She planned the day in Canton and I loved it! We walked around McKinley park and we picnicked in her car. Took lots of pictures. We went to the mall and my favourite store and drove down memory lanes past places that were meaningful to us. Thanks Katherine for a great outing!


2.My heart has been touched countless times as I think of all the people- every single one of you!- who stepped in and helped my family when the Hubs was in hospital. My mom or sister watched the kids every night while someone drove me to hospital. Friends visited him on their own time, brought him meals, sent us messages and kept us in their prayers. Thank you for making the difficult times heartwarming with your kindness.


3. Summer mornings are my favourite with the kids. I peg the washing outside (which I love to do!) and we go to the park, then we walk along the lovely footpaths before going back home for naps and lunch. Playing outside with my kids is the best!


4. My baby had a few milestones this year! He was weaned, turned one and learned how to walk!


5. A long anticipated trip to Sweden highlighted our summer! I was so happy to share my family with loved ones there and to share the experience of Sweden with my husband and kids. It was wonderful!


6. Having a boot sale with the hubs was fun! We had such a great day! 🙂 Thanks mom for having the kids! Love you!


7. One day in particular stands out. My sister watched the kids so the hubs and I could go out on a day date. It was soon after a recent change in his treatment and we went out WITHOUT his crutches! I feel I witnessed a miracle that day and I’ll never forget how happy we both were!


8. I think fondly of all the play dates and dinners we have shared with friends and family. Love you all so much! x


9. Getting definite news that yes indeed we are moving back to Ohio! England, you have been good to me and you will be missed!


10. Starting a new life here and all the incredible blessings received already! Thank you to my wonderful mother in law for everything she has done! Love you!

Meant To Be!

Meant To Be!

Would like to also mention that hubs and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this past December! Love you Shaun!

Ten is not a big number. Lots of more wonderful things happened this year to my family and good news all around from the siblings that add to my joy of knowing blessings never cease. I am so grateful for all the good God blesses us with in our lives. Even during times of hardship throughout the year, there is always more to be thankful for.

Now living in our new address, starting our new life, I look forward to this new year. x


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