Missing That Place

A few weeks ago my husband and I were able to go out on a lunch date. We took the bus. Part of that bus route was the same as a bus route I took when we lived over there. An odd feeling set in as I thought about those times when I took that other bus. Nostalgia? No ways. I was not happy living over there, but there are always good memories to remember in all places we have lived.

When we lived over there, my fondest memories were the spring of the second year after we moved in. I was in my second trimester of pregnancy and my toddler was not yet two years old. Living on the second floor proved a bit difficult with the stairs and my ever growing belly but I loved taking my toddler to the nearby park and going on walks. Once a week we would take the bus to the mall, a five minute ride, straight into the Works store where he could choose a book or small toy or treat and we’d hop back on the next bus home. Like a typical boy my toddler didn’t like the mall too much and would throw a fit if we were there too long. Too long being more than 30 minutes! After we stepped off the bus at our bus stop we would go on a walk and then home. Have lunch and then we’d both have a nap next to each other. When we woke we’d have chocolate milk. I’d cuddle him next to my big belly and feel the joy every woman feels when she sees her family growing. Those were sweet moments. There is something unique and special spending time with your first born. sometimes I miss just being us and cherish the moments we are one to one. That is what I see and remember when I glance back there.

In the moment I couldn’t wait to leave and get out of there, but now that we’re gone, part of me misses it! Life is so full of irony! x


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