Things Have Gone a Bit Quiet

Life is always on a curve.

Sometimes I am super motivated and do a hundred things and am all over the internet telling everyone about it.

Other times, I’m just not.

And that’s where I’ve been lately. In the “not” of things.

I am still doing what normal housewives do, tending to the children, husband and home, but that alone lately has had me feeling content.

Often we fall to the pressures of time, and I am learning to enjoy the quiet moments of normality.

The sound of the wind rustling the leaves of bushes and trees when I take the kids out for a walk.

Enjoying the shade on a sunny day as I push the kids on the swings at the playground.

Savouring each bite of a simple meal with my family around me.

Relaxing with my husband each evening after the kids are asleep.

All without feeling like I have to tell the world about it right that instant.

So it’s been quiet on the blog for a while.

And as I sit here my toddler is nagging me for photo booth….. maybe that’s the truth of things. My children want all my time and attention 🙂


5 thoughts on “Things Have Gone a Bit Quiet

  1. that’s how I’ve been lately…and yet I’ve been forcing myself to get some posts out…but not really wanting to! I feel like I can be motivated to do crafts, cook, and clean, but never all at the same time! If I’m crafting a lot, chances are I’m not getting dinner on the table every night! And the house is a mess! Lol

    • That’s a good point, we tend to not do it all at the same time! i did a paper bunting and it surprisingly took ALL DAY and i felt like i had neglected the kids (but they played nicely together all that day). Finding balance is really hard! thanks for commenting!

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