Remembering You Then, Seeing You Now

As newlyweds!

Marriage can sometimes cloud the mind and make you forget what led you there.

We get caught up in the monotony of everyday housework, routines, to do lists, whining children and lack of sleep.

To keep dreaming, laughing, flirting, and having new adventures takes more effort.

The love songs we once listened to gets replaced with nursery songs and children’s DVD’s.

Even attempting a conversation can often be constantly interrupted by a crying child.

Our quiet evenings alone are now rushed to squeeze in a few hours of sleep before the baby wakes up again.

I know I take you for granted. I know you will always come home. I know how big your heart is.

Year after year life throws us challenges to see if we continue to stand side by side. We are both still here.

 When I look at you, I remember when we first met. That boy you once were. And I love the man you’ve turned out to be.

There are moments where I catch you looking at me, and I think you remember me as a young girl too.

When we longed for the perfect love and knew that when we found it, we’d hold on forever.

We were both there, as friends just dancing together, talking, laughing, and had no clue it was going to be us eight years later.

And here we are. With two beautiful sons and a love story.

The qualities I fell in love with hasn’t changed.

I still the love the green in your eyes.

I still love that you eat whatever I make you for dinner.

I still love that you try to make me laugh.

I still love listening to you play the guitar.

I still love it when you hold my hand.

There is so much about marriage no one told us about.

I imagine that when we got married, other married couples looked at us and said, “They’ll figure it out. We did.”

Yeah we do, one crazy day at a time we do.

I’m just glad it was you all along. The man I was meant to be with. No one else could have shared this journey with me.

I love you. x


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