This Road and I

This road and I met a very long time ago. Although she had been around for a long time amongst those who knew her, she was very new to me. Her sounds, looks, smells, shops and the overall feeling she gave me as I walked alongside her.

Over time I got to know her very well. No longer labeled as new, she was now a familiar road. I could describe her to others and give directions. I knew what I would find each time I went to her.

So many memories were created. Too many to count or tell.

One day I said good bye, not knowing when I would return.

For years we were apart and during those years we grew apart. She had many others to keep her company and I met new roads that kept me walking.

When I did come back I saw how much we had both changed.

I knew who she was but I was just another passer by visiting.

The memories are still there, tucked in a corner of my heart.

I’ll never forget her. x

2 thoughts on “This Road and I

  1. This is how I feel when I visit the place I grew up….although there are cow fleas (really iPad? Lol…that was supposed to say countless!! Haha) memories, I’m now just another visitor, with all these memories flashing back. Some memories even surprising me! You write so beautifully šŸ™‚

    • When we went back to Sweden I was flooded by memories of the past and had to write it down. I’m realising a lot of us have felt this way. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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