I Have A Hundred Stories, But No Words

Have you ever sat down with someone you have not seen for a long time and when you both look at each other you think or say, “I have so much to say. So much has happened I don’t know where to start!”

Writers block is kind of the same thing. Life happens faster than I can type or write down. And since a lot of life’s happenings involve my hands, I can’t always stop and take a picture either!

The last 18 months seem like a whirlwind of major events. And all those events revolve around my family. Our baby being born and my husband’s illness being the biggest changes in our lives.

Writing has always been a creative and expressive outlet for me but the words have temporarily stopped. At least for now. So I am engaging my creative energy on sewing and crafting, which I post on my other blog: www.mycherryavenue.blogspot.com

I have a hundred stories I’d love to tell. And I will. One day. Maybe in a few days I’ll post again.

Speak soon x


2 thoughts on “I Have A Hundred Stories, But No Words

    • Yes! I’m a believer of that, letting it just come to you. I’m starting to realise that all things in life need a pause or a break. Thank you for commenting!

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