The People I Like

Things have gone a bit quiet here in my Velvet Notebook. I have been busy at home prepping for Fathers Day, tending to sickly children and other matters. However, I have been thinking a lot about people and who I choose to spend my time with. People who help lift me up, make me feel happy, and encourage me to stay on my feet.

But more than that, I also like people who…..

Don’t mind that I use scissors to cut my pizza instead of a pizza cutter. They work great!

Don’t make me feel like I have to look good. Vanity is often the LEAST of my worries!

Can have an open conversation about anything and not be offended that the rest of the world thinks differently than them.

Give good advice. Good advice meaning the kind that doesn’t make me feel like I HAVE to do this or that to be a good mom. Best advice I’ve got: “do what works for you” and “choose your battles”. I understand now why my mom used to always say, ‘I just want peace in my life’.

Love a good bargain. Shop second hand. Spread the word on sales. Living on a budget does not need frowned on.

Appreciate homemade meals and handmade gifts.

Understand what tired means. They are the first to forgive my emotional outbursts, if my kids are in pjs all day, if I haven’t had a haircut for over 6 months, forgot to shave, and have lived on frozen pizza for a week. I was tired.

Don’t mind that I use kitchen towels (paper towels) instead of napkins when they come over for a meal.

There are hundreds of wonderful qualities that I love about my friends and family, these are just a few items I have thought about. Thank you to my wonderful friends for touching my life in so many positive ways and especially for reading my blog šŸ˜‰ xx


5 thoughts on “The People I Like

  1. I love you!! I also love cutting my pizza with scizzors, using paper towels as napkins, I love a good bargain and shopping second hand!! And I really love homemade gifts!! I just wish I had more time for those things! I love being creative!! I also think you are Amazing!!!! Miss you!!!

    • Julie! what are you doing at 3:30 in the morning?! haha I am so glad you love those things too! there is never enough time to be creative! ideas and possibilities are endless! pls take loads of pics of everything with your wedding and blog them, i wish i could be a part of helping you! love you xx

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