Lessons From My Toddler: “Mommy, Help Me!”

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times my toddler cries out for me to help him. He screams like it is an emergency and when I don’t react straight away he absolutely goes nuts. Often, I say to him, ‘please get a grip’ OR ‘stop being silly, it’s not a big deal.’ Most of the time, it will be a toy he just has to have right this second or he might die.

Other times it could be something he wants to eat, or his youtube video he wants to watch suddenly stopped because it’s loading and he wants me to “fix it”. It could be a movie he wants to watch right now, or his tower of blocks fell and I have to rebuild it for him (future manager?) or whatever the case may be, I guiltily seem to always think it is not important. I say guilty, because it is important to him, in his little two year old life, so it should be important to me as well.

The other day as I thought about his temperamental requests, I realised I am not much different.

I am not screaming at my mother, but I am praying to God for things everyday, sometimes throughout the day. And though sometimes the things I pray for may seem unimportant, they are important to me at that time. Tomorrow morning I am attending a special breakfast at my church, and currently I am making sixty muffins for the event. I prayed that each muffin would turn out good. So far, none have burned. It may seem petty in comparison to bigger things in life, but I am grateful that God hears our prayers and answers them. I am not saying answers to prayers are always immediate, some answers may take years. However, I do feel God listens and is aware.

My toddler is teaching me so many lessons about myself. I, too, need to get a grip sometimes. And sometimes, I, too, need to stop being silly because it is not a big deal. And even though I could give him what he wants right away, sometimes I choose not to because he has to learn patience, respect, or do something I have asked him to do first. Perhaps God is also teaching me patience and other lessons.

Thanks Ethan, for making me realise how similar we are. I love you. x

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