The House of 44666

My husband and I sat on the couch. He was watching a movie but my head was thinking about where I was ten years before. Living in a white house, on a long road that never seemed to end.

“Did I ever tell you about the time I lived in a haunted house?”

“Yep. Lots of times.”

“Well, pretend it’s the first time. It all started right after I graduated high school. Probably because I was home during the day all the time. The shower was in the basement and I normally waited until the younger ones had left for school and mom left for work. I swear I heard footsteps above me. People just walking around. And not just a few seconds. The whole time I was downstairs. My heart would start racing.”

“Sexy you were in the shower.”

“Hahaha! Glad you are listening! When I did go back upstairs everything would be still and quiet, but knowing I had heard something I did not feel alone. Which was creepy.”

“Are you going to tell me about the knock next?”

“Yes! Okay, mom and everyone else wanted to go to the park in Canal Fulton. I did not feel like going. We had a big suburban and a gravel driveway, so you know it’s loud when mom drives away. You can hear it. And I did. I then went into the bathroom to pee. There was a knock on the door. Immediately out of habit I said- HOLD ON! Then I thought- did mom come back because one of the kids suddenly had to pee? Probably Emma! Strange I did not hear mom’s car on the driveway, and she would not just pull up in front of the house. I thought all that in just a few seconds when someone knocked on the door again. I got irritated and shouted HOLD ON! When I opened the bathroom door, everything was still and completely silent. It was as if someone invisible was standing right in front of me staring me in the face, but I could not see them. I stood there a bit frozen and had to catch my breath. Mom and the kids were not there.”


“Did I tell you Emma talked to the ghost? We were all outside on the front porch when we joked about the house ghost taking stuff we could not find. Like a necklace my dad had given me. It was silver with three hearts. I had placed it in front of the mirror next to my make up. I took it off, put it there, went to sleep and in the morning it was gone. I never found it. I was in the same room! Imagine if I had woken to a floating necklace! Anyhow, Emma said the house ghost was a nice boy. Surprised I looked at her and was like what? She says, ‘His name is Cody.’ Or was it? It started with a C.”

“Maybe Casper?”

“Funny. No it was not Casper. I wonder if she would remember. She was only ten years old. But I have heard people say that children can see things us grown ups cannot. And maybe that is true because when we moved months later, we had help from our home teacher who had to bring his little five year old son. We went down into the basement and suddenly he looks around, like this, as if something were circling around his head. He whispered to me, ‘we shouldn’t be here.’ I was already holding his hand and we ran out as fast we could. That was the last time I ever stepped foot in that house. You believe me yes?”

“Of course. Can I finish my film now?”

“Yes I’ll be quiet now. I believe in ghosts. And aliens. Next time I’ll tell you why.”

“I can’t wait.”

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