Hot Chocolate, Lollipops and Prayers Before Bed

Every Easter my mom would decorate the house with eggs, baby chicks, chocolates and my favourite: a wooden bunny that sat on the window sill holding lollipops. A sweet treat for when we were being good. All the girls also got a new Easter hat to match one of our Sunday dresses. The traditions made the season fun and anticipated.

In wintertime my mom would not let the snow or cold keep us indoors. We bundled up and would go on long walks nearly everyday. After we returned home, she’d warm us with a cup of Swiss Miss hot chocolate- with marshmallows! It always made me feel special to have marshmallows in my hot chocolate.

For as long as my memory serves me, we have always had family prayer before bed. As a kid there were the occasional giggles and poking each other during prayer but my mom knew one day we’d understand why. And I do.

The last few years I have been trying to think of how to combine traditions and create new ones. Reflecting back, I am realising much of what my mother did were acts of kindness between mother and child. Her loyalty to tradition has always made me feel loved.

Now that we are all grown up and long time since moved away from home, I see my mother continuing in her tradition of creating new traditions!

Like every Saturday she used to go to the market and buy fresh flowers for the dining room table. Charming!

Every Christmas she made everyone handmade ornaments.

I admire her ability to be so devoted.

And so I try to follow in those footsteps. My husband and I are ready for this Easter weekend! We’ll be colouring eggs, decorating cupcakes and having an Easter egg hunt. I am excited to begin the legacy of our own family traditions.

Thanks Mom, for all you did, for all you’ve taught us, and for showing me how to be a good mother. I love you xx


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