The Way She Walks

In her step, you see she has walked hundreds of miles. Streets lined with trees, streets in the city, streets filled with people and others near hidden. She has walked in different countries. There are reasons why she is walking and not on transport. She walks like she knows where she is going, even when she doesn’t, she doesn’t care because she doesn’t view “a wrong turn” as wrong, just a detour, a possible adventure or discovery.

With each step she holds her head high. She knows exactly where her feet are and where her eyes need to be. Her life has foundation and focus. Her shoulders back, she carries an air of confidence. Troublemakers let her pass by them, “not her” they say. “let her keep walking.” And she does. She never stops.

Even though she is walking, look at her face for just a minute. She does not need to speak for you to know she is intelligent. Her eyes are deep with wisdom and experience. And yet when you see her walking by, you long to stop her, invite her to sit down, and talk with you for hours. Even her voice, you just got to hear it.

She walks with ease among different groups of people. Her heart is open and compassionate to all. She walks endlessly out of love for family and friends. She walks alongside her greatest treasures, her husband and her children.

She has walked down paths of darkness and sorrow, and walked her way back up to lighted paths of happiness and joy. She has often walked alone. She holds dear the day she walked towards her husband on their wedding day, a day that began their ‘together forever’. She now walks holding the hands of their children.

She is strong and prepared with faith on unpaved footpaths. She is weary of the hidden roots and does not stumble. She is not over zealous on the flat paved sidewalks and accepts the broken squares ahead, knowing she can conquer their challenge. She appreciates the beauty and the workmanship of the cobblestones. She thanks God for the road that leads her home.

The way she walks is who she is. A woman with an unchartered map of stories to tell. Watch her. Listen to her. Love her. x


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