Baby’s Words

“Mom! Mom! Hold me! Please hold me! Don’t be upset that I’m crying. I feel like something is going to happen. I need your arms to comfort me. I want a hug! Mom! I already played with the toys! Can’t the housework wait a while? Mom I love you. Why do you get so mad when I cry? Don’t you understand what I am trying to say? Finally! Thank you mom. That’s what I needed. I love cuddles with you. You are so funny! Playing with you is the best. I laugh so hard! No one knows me better than you. Is playtime over already? You always have so much to do. I wish we could spend the whole day together just you and me. Mom! Someone is here! Do you see him? He’s glowing. Like an angel. Mom! Do you hear him? Is it true? Am I leaving tonight? I don’t want to go. I like it here with you and dad. Mom! You missed it! You weren’t watching. He’s gone. Mom! I really need you to hold me now. Please spend time with me. I can’t stop crying so please don’t look so mad. I’m not hungry. Just come play with me. Mom! I pooped! You always come for me when I do that! Finally! All clean and I’ve got your attention. Thanks mom! Yes, that’s my favourite toy. You know everything about me. I love you. Your hugs, your smell, your smile, your laugh, your voice. I know everything about you too. This has been a long day but it’s ending so soon. I wish we could have more time together. I don’t want to go to sleep. I see you are so tired. Sorry I had you up so much the other night. My  gums hurt and I just wanted you to be with me. Please hold me. Mom! He’s here again. Please know I love you. I know you did your best to take care of me. We’ll see each other again soon. I’ll miss you mom.  Thanks for everything you did for me. You are the best mom anyone could have. I have to go now mom. Bye mom! I love you mom! Thanks for holding me tonight. I love you mom!”


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