Double-Busted Cheating on the Diet

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As I sit at the computer ignoring my kitchen full of dishes that need done before lunch, I thought I’d tell everyone the story of how I simply cannot keep things from the husband. Including something as simple as hiding chocolate!

We decided we had had enough of being overweight and since life had settled down a bit after all the hospital drama, we could focus more on healthier eating. We made a menu plan together and it was going well.


I got stressed. And lucky me my mom occasionally supplies me with some chocolate that I tuck away in case of emergencies.

My husband came up to me one morning and says, “Honey, we have got to be serious about this diet!” To which I reply, “Shaun! Stay out of my nightstand you snooper!” With a surprised look he says, “I was never in your nightstand.” Embarrassed I said, “Ooops. Busted myself. Sorry honey. I’ll try to resist.”

A few days later I again got stressed. I needed a bite of chocolate! I grabbed my bag and quickly packed a few things, told the husband that the toddler and I were going for a walk and left. Outside the apartment building Ethan and I shared a snickers bar. It was delicious and my nerves settled. A few hours later, Shaun came up to me and says, “I see you’ve had some snickers today.” I look over to where he was looking and saw that Ethan had dumped my bag out and I had forgotten to throw away the evidence! Busted again.

I consider myself an overall committed person but I think most of that commitment lies in “eat what I want”, and that’s what I do.

I have since decided to show the husband more support and have tried to replace my chocolate habit for other things such as lemon mousse, red liquorice and chocolate milk.

Sometimes the embarrassment of being caught is necessary! And I will cut out my silly excuses too, things like: “I need to be squishy so I’m more cozy for the kids to cuddle me” or “I need the chocolate to keep my milk sweet for Axel!”

I am trying again and have been chocolate free for six days. I learned my lesson and will not sneak around. Hehehe

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Double-Busted Cheating on the Diet

  1. You are a great writer. Always enjoy your tidbits about life. Thanks! I love chocolate as well, and find myself eating it when I should not. I need to follow your example and stay away. 🙂

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