“It Is Going To Be Okay.”

Often in life we need this simple reminder to get us through tough times.

When our van blew up driving home from vacation, as hard as it was to lose so much so quickly, we knew we’d be okay.

When our landlady asked us to move out a month before I was due to give birth, as stressful and worrisome it was, we knew we’d be okay.

When winters plagued us with bare cupboards, we never went hungry and knew we’d be okay.

When we or I have been out of work and everything seemed to go wrong, I knew somehow we’d be okay.

I have moved to two different countries starting life completely over, not easy, but I knew I’d be okay.

And when the husband was in and out of hospital with his rare condition, the future felt uncertain but he kept reminding me that we’d be okay.

And we are.

Looking back in hindsight on all the challenges that have come my/our way, I see one choice. Be okay.

And when it’s not the big things, it’s the small things.

Dinner burned.

A black sock fell into the white wash.

I forgot to buy milk.

The blender broke.

I can’t find my tweezers.

Those little things can rack my brain and I have to tell myself the same thing- it’s okay! Just do something about it!

My favourite quote as a teen, “Don’t sweat it honey!” (Grease)

Big or small challenges are inevitable. I believe sometimes it is my attitude that is the real test. I strive to be optimistic.

My faith in God plays a large factor as well as I believe things happen for a reason. Reasons we may not understand yet but one day we will should we open our hearts.

Throughout the day I am reminding myself that when things are not perfect, or just outright going wrong, that

“it is going to be okay.”

4 thoughts on ““It Is Going To Be Okay.”

  1. I tell myself these things all the time too xxx

    Job losses in a foreign country, no backup, no families, stressful.
    But you know you’ll be okay.

    I appreciate this post xxx

    • absolutely! no work in a foreign country can be very emotional. trying to find your place in the world and fit in AND be happy! but we all turned out ok! x

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