Me and You, Heart to Heart.

Another day has come and gone.

A few random thoughts as I sit here wanting to make sense of life right now.

I don’t know what it means to truly be “strong” when we are facing challenges or obstacles in our life. Crying does not make me feel weak. It is simply an outlet where my frustrations and emotions collide. When the tears have dried, I honestly feel motivated to keep going.

I have two little ones. Doing nothing is not an option.

As a woman, there are things that naturally discourage me but I have decided that acceptance will help put peace in my heart.

I accept my life for what it has been. Regrets are pointless.

I accept my choices and consequences, and forgive myself for the foolishness. At least I learned my lessons.

And. A good quote by a famous inventor of whom I cannot recall but he said, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You won’t live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself.” Or something like that.

I accept others as they are. We are all individuals living in our own sphere of adversity and shortcomings. I will not judge. I understand imperfection. (unless you are a nurse at a hospital and you are being rude to my husband who is a patient, there is no room for imperfection in your bad attitude, you can at least walk around normal!)

I have a lot I need to work on.

I need to be better.

Thank goodness for family. They help point out everything that is wrong with you.

I recently came across this quote: “Everyone you meet comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to unpack.”

My hubby and I have a lot of unpacking to do together but he sure makes it fun along the way.

Today I tried to do my mother’s to do list from my previous post. I want my children’s laughter to echo in my ears forever.

I want to memorise every brilliant sentence, every facial expression, and every funny thing they do. Being a mother is the most wonderful yet heart wrenching thing I have ever experienced so far. Because I know I won’t remember all of it. They’re growing up too fast. They are right here with me now but I miss them already. They’ll never be as they are now ever again. I must cherish everyday. My heart shatters for parents who do not get to see their kids everyday. My husband has been in hospital a week tomorrow. Me and the kids make a video during the day and I show it to him each night when I visit the hospital. I see the longing in his eyes. It sucks.

Everyone has something they turn to when they want to get their mind off of life. I want to watch the Office. But we always watch it together. I guess I’ll just go to bed.

Good night. x


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