A Mother’s To Do List

Sometimes we read things that make us think.

I recently read something not-so-pleasant, but it made me think. Should anything happen to my children, would I be able to really know they had a good life? So I came up with a to do list.

Everyday I Must:

Hug and kiss and smother my kids with a cuddle or two or three

Do tickles and giggles, anything to make them laugh loud

Have a conversation or several or just never stop talking to them

Sit on the floor and play with them

Have them in my lap or close-by and watch the movie or TV show with them

Play chase and peek-a-boo everyday because that’s their favourite

Say prayers with them

Brush teeth together as a fun activity

I may not always get it right everyday. But right now the most important thing to me is that they are happy. There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of my children’s laughter. Each day I have an agenda. I am adding this to do list on that agenda. x


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