Beating Winter Depression… with Baking

My goal is not to be depressed this winter. It may be inevitable that I have my bouts of sadness but I must press forward, get over it, and start again.

I only have two kids. A two year old and an almost five month old. Two grumpies does my head in and I tend to head to the kitchen for comfort.

Comfort food. All the way. Of course it cheers me up! I need something now. Not complicated recipes. Easy ones. Decently quick. Ethan can help stir.

I reckon a baked good from my kitchen is better than a snickers bar from the store. I control how much margarine and sugar goes into it and I can add healthy extras.

Here are three goodies I am hoping to execute this weekend. I want it all to be mine! The boys can have the carrot muffins I made this afternoon…

Donut Cupcakes.


This seems to be a good alternative to frying. Recipe and photo credit found here.

Mini Pumpkin Pies.

(photo via)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE pumpkin pie!

Made in a muffin pan, I will follow the pumpkin filling recipe that is on the can.

For the pie dough, I always do 125g margarine,  1TBS white sugar, 3dl flour and 3TBS water. Maybe a dash of cinnamon for fun.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.

(photo via)

I NEED NEED NEED chocolate. A lot of it. Addict? Maybe.

I have never made double chocolate cookies before. To be honest, I have not made cookies in a very long time. Tesco does good ones. But I ran out. Recipe I am attempting found here.

Okay, three recipes might be a bit over-ambitious but these delicious morsels are in my near future. If these turn out as fabulous as I dream they will be, I will post recipes onto my other (housewife) blog:

It is another beautiful autumn day. Me and the boys are heading out for a walk. A deep breath of fresh air also instantly calms frayed nerves. Have a lovely weekend! x

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