Exercising With My Kids

I am not exercising in this picture but I liked it. Holding kids hurt your arms after a while!

I’m not slim. I know I’m not. I saw a full body picture of myself. I forgive myself for the time being. BUT. You’d think I’d have an athlete’s body with all that I do with two boys but nope! I’m THIS big.  I reckon it is because I am supposed to be squishy and cozy for my kids to cuddle with and fall asleep on. I’m okay with that!

I still try. With my diastasis recti, I have my daily stomach exercises that the physiotherapist gave me to do. Takes about 15 minutes. I am and have always been a firm believer that eating healthy and exercising equals a fit lean body. With this DR, it limits what exercise I have been able to do. However, playing with my kids is a great way to increase activity while having fun and bonding with them.

I am not here to talk about eating healthy. Currently, I could be classified as a sugar addict. Found a recipe for donut muffins the other day- yum! But I love playing with my kids! This is what I do:

50 jumping jacks. Ethan finds it hilarious and we both end up laughing our heads off.

5 min of dancing to an Oldies classic.

10 min of playing chase. I am always out of breath with this one because we are laughing or screaming too!

 Arm lifts. I hold Axel and lift him up and down. Works entire arm, especially triceps. Do as many as you can handle. I love that burn.

Some bicep curls. I only get to do a few before Ethan wiggles out of my arms.

Calf raises. As simple as bouncing Ethan on my knee.

Leg curls. AKA a flying Ethan! He lays on my legs and I lift him up and down. Works my quads.

45 min walk outside. Not a leisurely stroll. I walk fast and sweat. I push my double pram up hills. I also try to walk with good posture, shoulders back, chin up. I aim for this everyday. Unless it’s too cold for Axel. Which I try to make up for by playing chase again.

I have not seen any noticeable results. I do not expect to see any until after I have weaned Axel. I know my efforts are still good for my body and soul.

(Note to reader: None of this has been officially approved by any Dr or health staff, I’m just a mom trying to stay as active as possible.)


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