Beating Winter Depression…. by Participating in the Season

Running so fast he's a blur!

Dreary mornings make it difficult to feel motivated. Even giving up my pyjamas and getting dressed. But. I am determined to win this internal battle and conquer by being happy and grateful. Another way I am beating depression is by participating in the season. Something I have actually not done before! For the past eight years or so, before kids, I worked on holidays. No time or budget for seasonal decor and no motivation for the seasonal fun. What a droop I was!

I now have a theory that with kids around, I will never be depressed again. They bring me so much joy!

Here is what we have done to beat the gloom:

We went outside to kick and crunch the fallen leaves.

I added a dash of nutmeg with the cinnamon to my apple crumble.

Ethan is wearing his spider teeshirt and I put on my red teeshirt dress (Friday night is also date night!)

Making something crafty always cheers me up, no matter how lame it is! And magnets are quick.

And of course a daily dose of my childrens’ laughter. xx


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